Anime Syracuse Announces Convention 2012 Will Be Held On September 29th At The Art and Home Center, NYS Fairgrounds

Syracuse, NY - Today the Anime Syracuse organizing committee announced that their next event, Anime Syracuse Convention 2012, will be held on Saturday, September 29th in the Art and Home Center at the NYS Fairgrounds located in Syracuse, NY. Doors will open at 9:00 A.M. and events are scheduled through 9:00 P.M.

This is Central New York's largest Japanese animation fan festival. There will be Japanese animation screenings all day long featuring the most recent and popular releases from U.S. and Japanese distributors. In addition there will be voice actor and industry guests, costume contests, video game tournaments, an amateur video contest, imported toy vendors, and a fan art gallery. The guests confirmed so far include voice actors Chuck Huber, Tristan MacAvery, Mike McFarland, and Monica Rial. A full day of entertainment is scheduled including comedy performances by The 404s Improv Comedy Group and +2 Comedy, and also musical performances by the Japanese punk band The Asterplace.

Over the past seven years Anime Syracuse has become the biggest event organizer for the region's anime enthusiasts, helping to bring in cutting edge pop-culture and artistry to Syracuse and drawing in over 1,000 people from not only Central New York, but also Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Ontario Canada.

Anime Syracuse is looking forward to building on that success and making this year's annual convention the biggest one yet. “We were thrilled with the turn out we had for last year's event. We have made this year's convention larger with more guests, vendors, and panel discussions” said Wayne Chase, founder and current president of Anime Syracuse.

Additional information on the event can be found at Anime Syracuse's official Convention 2012 website,

About Anime Syracuse

Anime Syracuse organizes Central New York's premiere Japanese animation, J-Pop and Asian cinema events. Anime Syracuse began in 2005 with the first Anime Syracuse Festival, the first event of its kind to serve the Central New York anime fan community. Currently the group hosts a series of “mini-conventions” held seasonally and also organizes free monthly screening events called Anime at The Palace, which feature the latest anime and Japanese live-action releases. Anime at the Palace events are co-sponsored by FUNimation Entertainment.

About Chuck Huber

Chuck Huber started acting in Anime in the roles of Garlic Jr. and Android 17 in DBZ. Since then he has voiced hundreds of characters including Hiei in YuYu Hakusho, Stein in Soul Eater, Kululu in Sgt. Frog, Mohji in One Piece, Shou Tucker in Full Metal Alchemist, Han in Blue Gender, Hiro in Shin Chan, Ashe in Black Butler, Reever in D. Gray Man, Hector in Glass Fleet, Yuichi in Initial D., Akai in Oh Edo Rocket, Melt in The Tower of Druaga, Adashino in Mushishi, Eric Nishijima in Darker Than Black, Havel in Trinity Blood, Austria in Hetalia and many more. He has been a writer on Hetalia, Sgt. Frog, Baccano, Spice and Wolf and others.

About Tristan MacAvery

Tristan MacAvery is a master of all trades and jack of none. Published author (novels, collections, screenplays, articles, etc.), actor/improvist, director, trainer/coach, certified mediator, and reader of Tarot.  Based in North Syracuse, NY, he is credited with being the original voice of Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion and has lended his voice talents to 30 or so other anime productions including Slayers, Dirty Pair, Battle Angel, Blue Seed and Street Fighter II the TV series. As a veteran comedy and improve actor, he will be available for signings and delivering his wisdom in various panel discussions.

About Mike McFarland

Mike got his start in anime as one of the first voice actors in Texas to be hired by FUNimation Productions in 1997. Not only that, he is an actor, director, writer, improv comedian, and a musician. His work can be seen and heard on radio, film, television, on stage, and on several popular anime series. Some of his ADR Directing credits include: Case Closed, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, Eden of the East, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Mushi-shi, Shiki, Summer Wars, and Trinity Blood. As a voice actor he has appeared in Trinity Blood as Cain Nightroad, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z as Master Roshi, FMA and FMA Brotherhood as Jean Havoc, Burst Angel as Leo, Fruits Basket as Ritsu Sohma, Hetalia as Estonia, and Ouran High School Host Club as Ranka Fujioka, as well as many others.

About Monica Rial

Monica Rial has been working in the anime voice over industry for 13 years. As an actress for ADV Films and Funimation Entertainment has lent her voice to over 250 anime including: Air TV (Misuzu), Azumanga Daioh (Nyamo), Baccano! (Chane), Black Butler (Mei Ren), Black Cat (Kyoko), Burst Angel (Jo), Chrome Shelled Regios (Felli), Chrono Crusade (Fiore), Claymore (Miria), DN Angel (Towa), D. Gray-man (Lero/Lulu Bell), E.F. a Tale of Memories (Chihiro), Excel Saga (Hyatt), Fairy Tail (Mirajane), Full Metal Panic (Kyoko), Ghost Stories (Momoko), Gunslinger Girl (Angelica), Hetalia (Flying Mint Bunny/ Belarus), High School of the Dead (Shizuka), Kurau Phantom Memory (Kurau), Moon Phase (Hazuki), Negima (Konoka/Kazumi/Satsuki), Noir (Kirika), One Piece (Tashigi/Carue/ Kuina), Ouran Host Club (Renge), Princess Jellyfish (Mayaya), Rahxephon (Haruka), Sgt. Frog (Momoka), Shuffle! (Asa), Speed Grapher (Kagura), Spiral (Rio), Soul Eater (Tsubaki), Tsubasa Chronicles (Sakura), Witchblade (Maria) and many more. She can be heard on the Cartoon Network in Shinchan (Ai), Fullmetal Alchemist (Lyra/Dante), Fullmetal Alchemist

Brotherhood (May Chang), Case Closed (Amy) and Trinity Blood (Vanessa). You can also catch her on Nicktoons and the CW as Bulma in Dragonball Z Kai. She is also an ADR script adaptor and occasionally a director for Funimation Entertainment.

About The 404s Improv Comedy Group

Founded in 1998, the founding members of The 404s began playing improv games at their university animation club. Before they knew it, they were performing whole shows at the club's events. Hailing from Edmonton and Calgary, Canada, their casts collectively perform dozens of shows at events around the US and Canada, as well as entertaining and educating students and professionals in the concepts of improv.

About +2 Comedy

+2 Comedy is a unique comedy trio unlike anything currently in the stand-up comedy world. This original form of stand-up comedy is created solely for nerds. Their comedy is on such topics as Star Wars, video games, comic books, Anime, D&D and the like. Their show, which can run from 30-90 minutes, consists of stand-up comedy as well as a Q &A with the audience where they answer questions like, “Could Boba Fett take the Cloverfield monster in a fight?” “Who is the best character to use Virtual Fighter?” and “What is the greatest movie trilogy of all time?” +2 comedy has preformed at the VGXPO in Philly as part of Wikicon, in Ohio at Anime Punch's Armageddicon, in Baltimore for Otakon, Kotoricon and Zenkaikon as well as clubs across the country, so you won't want to miss them!

About The Asterplace

Based in New York City, they perform worldwide in rock festivals and Anime or Comic conventions. Their band name, The Asterplace, “means creating beautiful music as like flower blossoming every year.” The origin of the name came directly from their beautiful melody of music. As the sun shines in the world, as the moonlight at the sky, The Asterplace plays music toward the world. They've performed at many conventions as the musical headliner at Zenkaikon, Toracon, BAMcon, DC Sakura Matsuri, KOTORIcon and more! The Asterplace's entertainment rock show crosses over races, sexes, ages, and any borders, and it fascinates, bewitches, and leads anyone to the earnest impression. They completely rock shows with their variety of music style, it is very enjoyable for all audiences.

About The Art and Home Center

The Art and Home Center at the NYS Fairgrounds (Empire Expo Center) contains the New Times Theater, Bistro Café, Demonstration Kitchen and ample convention space. The Art and Home Center is located at 581 State Fair Boulevard

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