Berserk Releases- Art of War Plan to Release Griffith Statue

11th October 2012, Tokyo, Japan –Art of War plan to release the “Griffith: Hawk Soldier 2012 Version”.

After a ten-year break, Art of War is re-launching one of its most popular statues, “Griffith: Hawk Soldier” in an approximate 1:10 scale. Art of War artists will paint this piece reaching an entirely new high level of reproduction quality not previously attained. You will be surprised at the high level of detail in the Griffith statue. It will be an energetic piece that will be more dynamic and powerful than the previous version. Art of War is confident the quality and the realism of this new statue will more than please you.

The major difference between the previous and the new “Griffith: Hawk Soldier 2012 Version” statue will be the color expression. Art of War will use subtle gradations of blue to bring out the luster of Griffith's armor and mantle. In addition, the different colors will give the mantle delicate effects of light and shade. Each piece will be individually hand-painted and finished by Art of War's
skillful artisans. Moreover, the statue will feature a marble-painted base that allows you to enjoy this marvelous piece from all sides as well.

For the “Griffith: Hawk Soldier 2012 Version”, Art of War will place special emphasis on Griffith's facial expression especially in the skin color and eyes. Art of War believes the efforts with this artwork and the complexity of the paint application will make you feel that Griffith from the Band of the Hawk is right standing in front of you!

“Griffith: Hawk Soldier 2012 Version” is 30,000 Japanese Yen (about US$ 384). This statue will only be manufactured upon receipt of a minimum pre-order quantity of 50 pieces during the pre-order period from 11th October to 31st October. Do not miss the great opportunity to pre-order this fabulous statue, “Griffith: Hawk Soldier 2012 Version”.

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