and Anime Expo Welcome Attendees to Make New Friends From Japan at the Morimori Meet-up

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 2nd, 2013 – Vivinavi and Anime Expo are excited to announce a new collaboration at AX2013: Mori Mori Meet-Up---Stamp Rally Quest on July 6th, 2013, starting at 12:00pm at Room 409AB. (Walk-ins accepted) The popularity of Japanese Animation in the US has always been seen as a fascinating phenomenon inside the local Japanese community. In order to better support this pop culture industry originating from Japan, Vivinavi, as a community member, is thrilled to increase the awareness of the local Japanese community and bridge the different perceptions and appreciations of animation from Japanese fans and American fans.

Mori Mori Meet-Up---Stamp Rally Quest is uniquely designed for this cultural exchange purpose. Stamp Rally in Japan is well known for the collections of exclusive stamps and prizes from different train stations or the spots of Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival). Borrowing this concept, Vivinavi is bringing its Japanese users to collaborate with AX 2013 attendees to further enjoy the convention!

All the players will be given a stamp booklet with interesting anime-related hints, which imply the locations of the stamp stations inside the venue. To decode the hints, players are required to have the knowledge of animation, familiarity of the venue/program schedules, and Japanese reading ability. Cooperation between Vivinavi users and AX attendees will be highly recommended.

Certainly, Vivinavi and AX is looking forward to seeing more intercultural communications and new friendships established!

For more details, please check the event page.


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