AnimeJapan 2014 has Ended

AnimeJapan 2014 has ended!
Visitors will number up to more than 110,000!!
Thanks to all guests and related parties for attending.

AnimeJapan 2014 was held at Tokyo Big Sight for two days, Saturday and Sunday,
3/22~23/2014. We were honored by the visit of more than 100,000, well beyond our

Total visitors 111,252. Breakdown, Saturday 3/22: 59,630 (Press, 344 companies, 615
people), Sunday 3/23: 51,622 (Press, 220 companies, 403 people).
We are extremely grateful to all guests and interested parties.

[AnimeJapan Executive Committee Comments]

The inaugural AnimeJapan 2014 ended without incident.
For the combined general visitors, and domestic and foreign business visitors
amounting to more than 110,000, well more than our goal. I thank you from the
bottom of my heart.
From the business aspects to the entertainment aspects, everything anime is here.
I hope the realization of that idea will lead to more 2 day events in the future for all
exhibitors and attendees.

The event for 2015 is yet to be determined.

To recap the good and the bad, we will deliver the best choices we can for the
attendees and productions involved in an even greater AnimeJapan 2015, or else
something completely different.

In closing, along with thanks for everything to do with AnimeJapan 2014, I wish to
share my sincere hope that anime will continue to shine in the future.

AnimeJapan Executive Committee

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