HTOL#NIQ Hotaru no Nikki Available for Pre-order

Hello all is proud to announce that HTOL#NIQ Hotaru no Nikki, the new, incredibly creative, IP from Nippon ichi Software and Masayuki Furuya is available for pre-order.

The story begins on December 31st 9999 and focuses on the characters Mion, a young girl with amnesia who wakes in a desolate world, and Hotaru the player-controlled firefly who chooses to lead her through the ruins, to the outside world.

In the 'World of Light' Mion's movements are dependent on how you maneuver Hotaru, with your main goal being to lead her to safety. You can move Mion or get her to perform specific tasks. In the 'World of Shadow' you control a firefly that can remove objects within the game but you must avoid both traps and monsters lurking in the shadows. Although you have no physical attack, your manipulation of the environment will be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to taking out enemies.

As far as we can tell the game won't make heavy use of any 'world switching' mechanics, allowing the player to control the Light World firefly on Vita's front touchpad and the Shadow World firefly on the rear touchpad.

HTOL#NIQ Hotaru no Nikki will be released on June 19th only for PSVita, please check the assets in attach.

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