Hanabee Entertainment Licenses Majestic Prince


They'll save the world if they don't accidentally kill each other first.

Through the necessity of space exploration, advancements have occurred to both mechanical and genetic engineering. The outcome – genetically modified individuals who can endure the difficulties that can occur from space.

Team Rabbits, a rag-tag group of teenagers, part of the genetically modified generation, are tasked with being Earth's first line of defense to the sinister Wulgaru forces. These invaders are absolutely brutal and with far superior weaponry at their disposal, all odds are stacked against them. But leader Izuru is nothing but optimistic and that may be the only thing in their favour in this all out war.


Hanabee is proud to announce of first Mecha title release. Majestic Prince Part 1 (Dogakobo Studio) will be available from the 6th of August 2014 in both DVD and BLURAY. It will contain the first 12 episodes and feature a dual language selection (Japanese and English audio, with English subtitles).

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