The Broken Clock is Now Available on Google Play and the App Store

“The Broken Clock” has been released!

BL (yaoi) smartphone game “The Broken Clock” is available on Google Play and App Store starting today!

TOKYO JAPAN, November 15, 2017 - Abracadabra Inc., the videogame and entertainment company behind AbracadabraGames otome and BL smartphone titles, has just released its brand new BL (yaoi) game “The Broken Clock”. The title is currently available for download on Google Play and on Apple's App Store. “The Broken Clock” lets players follow the love affairs of two beautiful fixed couples and help them find a good ending to their love story. It's up to each player to decide how their destiny will unfold.


App Store:

Satsuki and Yayoi decide to visit their brother Hazuki, who is studying in the realm of Ulster. While following a stray cat, Satsuki stumbles upon a mysterious mansion. There, he will meet the owner, a fascinating hikikomori with an attitude, and the beautiful, friendly butler. After a series of circumstances, the brothers end up running up debt after debt, and they'll be forced to work at the mansion until they can pay them off!

Game Features and How to Play:
In this dating sim/adventure game, players proceed through an exciting story while aiming to reach the best ending. Use the 5 free tickets provided every day, or get them via special events or through the in-game Shop. Overcome Skill missions and Avatar missions to look further into the characters' love affairs! Gather plenty of useful in-game items and Avatars to give your character a unique look. The story changes according to the player's decisions, and beautiful CGs unlock once they've reached the required level of Affection.

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About Abracadabra Inc. ー ABRACADABRA INC. is in charge of otome and BL (yaoi) smartphone games overseas management and localization. ABRACADABRA INC. is working on the multi-language delivery of a large number of games, to contribute to the global expansion of exciting Japanese-made contents and to make them enjoyable for users all over the world.

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