Learn How to Master Character Customization in the Mary Skelter 2 System Website Update


LOS ANGELES, CA, September 10, 2019 - Tailor your Blood Maidens and learn how to master the different skills in this week's update!
This week, we have new system website updates on the Iffy-cial website for ​
Mary Skelter™ 2 as well as a new Systems Screenshot batch! The updates this week include:

System (Website): Jobs, Blood Pack System
Screenshots: Systems

Mary Skelter 2 will be available digitally for the Nintendo Switch™ for $39.99/£35.99 on October 22 at 11AM PT in North America and in Europe on October 23 at 11AM CEST! The game will have a 20% discount for the first week of its launch!

Mary Skelter 2 also contains the first installment of the series,
Mary Skelter™: Nightmares, which includes revamped systems and balances to the original release.

The Systems screenshot batch shows a variety of Mary Skelter 2 systems including Blood Farm, Gifts, Jobs, Blood Devolution, and Skill Customization. Players can experience Mary Skelter 2 their own way and apply these various systems to make it out alive! Stay tuned for more details on the different systems in future website updates!

Training - Jobs: Each Blood Maiden has the ability to change into 5 different jobs, which can ultimately alter their abilities, the gear they can equip, and their overall appearance. The Jobs available for each Blood Maiden may differ from other Blood Maidens and it's up to the player to tailor their party to their own liking.

In the case of the main protagonist, Otsuu, she has access to a variety of unique jobs that other Blood Maidens do not have, which allows her to fill in the gaps and weaknesses of a party's setup. Choose from a variety of Jobs and create your own unique party!

Training - Blood Packs: The Blood Maidens can learn special skills from using Blood Packs! Blood Packs can be acquired from Blood Farm harvesting and by finding them in dungeons. Note that you will need to first unlock the Blood Pack's abilities through "Blood Pack Appraisal". Once the blood packs are appraised, you can use them on your Blood Maidens to awaken new powers!

Blood Farm: Inside dungeons, players can raise Blood Flowers - special flowers that can be grown in Blood Farms and fully bloom into special items. Splash Marchen Blood on your Blood Flowers for a higher chance of getting rarer items.

Gifts: Provide Blood Maidens gifts or interior items to increase their affection. Once you reach a certain affection level, a Blood Maiden may give you special items and also unlock special CGs.

Blood Devolution: The Blood Devolution system allows players to reset a Blood Maiden's level to a lower level, so players can level up the character again to gain better stats and skills. While it is beneficial to gain new stats and skills, Blood Devolution can be difficult for players since they will have to relearn skills they've used previously.

Skill Customization: When Blood Maidens level up, they gain CP that can be used to level up skills and learn new ones. Players can also use the skills learned across different jobs, which allows players to craft a unique Blood Maiden!

About Mary Skelter: Nightmares

Originally released for the PlayStation®Vita in September 2017, in Mary Skelter: Nightmares, powerful Nightmares actively stalk the player as you run through the dungeon—fight back with the dungeons' gimmicks or the Blood Maidens' abilities! Using a turn-based battle system, class changes, a blood-powered transformation system, and more, you and your party must solve the dungeons' mysteries and satisfy the prison's desires. In Mary Skelter 2, players can play the full revamp of Mary Skelter: Nightmares!

About Mary Skelter 2

Mary Skelter 2 evolves the core elements in Mary Skelter: Nightmares to bring to you a world teeming with twists and turns, topped with a new battle feature where the previous protagonist, Jack, is now a Nightmare. Players can use his Nightmare powers to defeat enemies, but at a maddening cost. Set in an alternate reality that includes familiar characters from the first installment, players must relive the torturous dungeon experiences and find ways to feed an almost insatiable prison. Will you be able to escape this prison and find sanctuary or will you fall into the clutches of madness?

Key Features

Don't Go Chasing Nightmares – When a white haze appears, a Nightmare is near! When spotted by a Nightmare, players enter “Chase Mode,” where the Nightmare will chase you through the Jail in real-time. Escape the Nightmare's clutches without the help of a mini-map by fleeing the white haze. When caught by a Nightmare's gaze, players enter battle where they will have to temporarily stun the Nightmare by attacking its weak points. Destroy the Jail's core and complete the dungeon by defeating the Nightmare!

Jack is a Dull Boy – Jack, the protagonist from Mary Skelter: Nightmares, has now turned into Nightmare Jack. He can still help you along the way, but be wary of his heart rate meter! Once his heart rate reaches a certain limit, he will turn into Ripper Jack, causing him to go berserk. When in Ripper Jack mode, Otsuu also risks going into Blood Skelter mode, which will cause her to go berserk too! With first game, Mary Skelter: Nightmares included, you can play through an alternate world where Jack is the main protagonist.

Build Your Own Blood Maiden – When leveling Blood Maidens, players can use CP points to level up skills and learn new ones. Surprise enemies by teaching party members to learn from 5 different jobs beyond their specialties, which can alter a Blood Maidens' abilities, the gear they can equip, and even their appearance. Mix-and-match skills based on your playing style!

Farm for Blood, Reap the Benefits – Use Blood Crystals to plant Blood Flowers, which can be harvested for additional items. Splash Blood Flowers with Marchen blood for an increased chance of getting rarer items when harvested. There are no two same items, so remember to keep harvesting and reap all the benefits!

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