Dragon Gyas, a Unique Board Game with Miniatures Brought to Life by Max Factory and Arclight is Now Available on Kickstarter

Pledge is now available at Kickstarter

What is Dragon Gyas?
Dragon Gyas is a long-awaited board game with miniatures brought to life by Max Factory and Arclight together with some of Japan's top creators! This Kickstarter together with the Makuake project are the only options to be one of the first to get your hands on the game!
Dragon Gyas features well-known creators and developers on all sides of the spectrum - a top quality miniature production team, experienced scenario and setting writers and well-known illustrators all coming together to create a board game that fans around the world will be proud to present to the world!

Dragon Gyas official WEB page: https://www.dragongyas.com/en/
Kickstarter: https://www.Kickstarter.com/projects/1710832664/dragon-gyas

*This project is already supported at Makuake (Japanese crowdfunding).
This project was also run at the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake where fans helped us raise over $110,000! This amount has already unlocked a selection of stretch goals you can read about below.

Pledge Details
We are offering two different pledge levels - one is the standard edition which includes all the miniatures as plastic model kits that require assembly, the other features the miniatures all put together from the start.
Various stretch goals are also ready to be unlocked as we reach new goals to make Dragon Gyas even better!

¥15,000 Pledge
This Pledge will include :
・Dragon Gyas (English version) x1
・All Unlocked Stretch Goals

¥45,000 Pledge
Core Game with preassembled miniatures
This Pledge will include:
・Dragon Gyas (English version) x1
with all 16 miniatures preassembled. *Not painted.
・All Unlocked Stretch Goals

Stretch Goals
This project was also run at the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake where fans helped us raise over $110,000! This amount has already unlocked a selection of stretch goals you can read about below.

Various stretch goals are also ready to be unlocked as we reach new goals to make Dragon Gyas even better!

Kickstarter Schedule
Kickstarter open from June 2nd until June 30th (JST)
Shipping date: 2020 December

Shipping is available worldwide.
We will be using EMS to send our products. We will charge an extra fee for shipment. Here are the estimated prices for each area. For countries outside of EMS service, we will use a different shipping service.

Asia: +5,000 JPY (Approx. $46 USD)
North America, Central America, Oceania and the Middle East: +6,500 JPY (Approx. $60 USD)
Europe +7,500 JPY (Approx. $69 USD)
South America, Africa: +12,100 JPY (Approx. $112 USD)
Japan (Except Okinawa): +2,000JPY (Approx. $19 USD)
*Prices do not include any taxes.
Contact us for specific countries if you have any questions.

Product Components
The game rules, scenarios, and illustrations have all been created with the help of top names in Japan. These components add to the fun of the game and immerse you in the Dragon Gyas universe.

Players: 1-4 players / Playing time 60 Min / Box size: W460 x D320 x H160. Approx. 5kg
Component images: https://we.tl/t-LDKotyp1y2

Experience the fun of building and playing with minis built with your own two hands!

Mini Introduction Video: Wulfdrake
Assemble the Wulfdrake which runs rampant and attacks at high speeds. The unique design is a pleasure to put together and looks stunning when painted!

Mini Introduction Video: Aapdrake
The Hammer fisted Aapdrake's strike is powerful enough to puncture Hexgyas's armor. Put its muscular stature together with your own two hands!

Mini Introduction Video: Wormdrake
This sly Wormdrake can make use of its own as an explosive mine. You can see in this video how the body connects together to capture the slithery appearance!

Mini Introduction Video: Regenedrake
The Regenedrake heals the other Dragonewt. It has a unique exoskeleton and highly detailed appearance that fans of board game minis are sure to appreciate - take a closer look in this video!

Mini Introduction Video: Helmdrake
View the powerful Helmdrake ready to wreak havoc on mankind! Its beautiful wings are included as a single part to capture their delicate appearance while still remaining durable.

Mini Introduction Video: Grandragon
The titanic Grandragon stands upon crumbling ruins with his enormous wings and threatening horns ready to devastate the Knight army. Assemble this devastating dragon with your own two hands!

Mini Introduction Video: Medic
Assemble the Medic in charge of tending to wounds during battle! The model includes an injured knight to bring out the heat of the battlefield.

Mini Introduction Video: Cavalry
The valiant Cavalry riding the majestic horseclaw! The rider and his mount offer a challenge for all opponents.

Mini Introduction Video: Engineer
Assemble the crafty Engineer who specializes in repairing the Hexgyas mech but is also a master of traps.

Mini Introduction Video: Commander
Assemble the most versatile of the Knights - the Commander rides into battle! He not only looks great but is also great fun to put together!

Mini Introduction Video: Cataphract
Assemble the mighty Cataphract with his weapon of choice: a pile bunker loaded with enchanted bullets.

Mini Introduction Video: Hexgyas
Assemble the giant mech created by the old mystic arts and the only weapon capable of defeating the Grandragon. The Hexgyas itself is detailed but also comes with a ruined base, katana and torii to assemble!

Dragon Gyas Setting
Giant robots, witches, knights, and dragons imagined by Jirō Ishii have been captured by leading illustrators including Kinu Nishimura. These illustrations have then been transformed into beautiful miniatures sculpted by Max Factory, one of Japan's leading figurine and plastic model developers. All aspects of the game have been made with passion and care to ensure an amazing experience.

Dragon Gyas is produced by world-renowned game designer Susumu Kawasaki is a unique figure-based board game in which players control one of two sides: the Hexgyas and the Royal Order ready to defend humankind or the Grandragon and dragonewts bent on extinction of human race.

Game Rules and Components
A quick look at the work-in-progress rulebook:

A look at how the game works in manga format!

Visit our Kickstarter page for more info.
Kickstarter: https://www.Kickstarter.com/projects/1710832664/dragon-gyas

Arclight is one of Japan's leading board game publishers that also runs the one of the largest board game events in Asia, "Game Market". We are connected to game publishers and creators all around the world and release over 90 board games a year.
Official Site: https://arclightgames.jp/

Max Factory:
Max Factory was established in 1987 with a focus on planning and production of figures, alloy toys and plastic models. What began as a garage kit maker soon developed into a larger company with a selection of different products that have always been held in high standards by collectors and fans alike.
In 2008 Max Factory released the first figma action figure, a series which provided quality articulated figures at a reasonable price and soon became the company's flagship product. In 2013 Max Factory started work on a new series of plastic model kits under the name "PLAMAX" - a brand that focuses on the enjoyment of building and painting your very own models.
Official Site: https://www.maxfactory.jp/

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