MAMIYA - A Shared Illusion of the World's End

November 30, 2020 - Fruitbat Factory is proud to announce their next new title: MAMIYA - A Shared Illusion of the World's End, is coming in Spring 2021, and is now available for pre-order! Developed by Kenkou Land, MAMIYA is a captivating, dark visual novel in which a group of young men struggle against existential dread before the end of the world.


Tokyo, during the year in which the world was prophesied to end.

As we clung to reality, too spineless to throw our lives away together, we met Mamiya.

At a friend's funeral, the entire crowd was weeping and mourning, while we thought to ourselves that the death of a single person had no meaningful impact on the world at large.
We slept, woke up, and went through the same daily grind as ever. At least, that's how it was supposed to be.

Then Mamiya appeared...

Before we even knew it, the mysterious child named Mamiya had wormed their way into our daily lives. They slowly, but surely, became something of an emotional support. They'd brought us down a new path.

A path that would surely lead us to our deaths…


  • An apocalyptic fantasy visual novel
  • 6 different endings
  • 83 CGs

MAMIYA has been translated by Conjueror and Andrew Hodgson, and edited by Gerejei. It will be available in English and Japanese.

A subtitled opening movie for the game can be seen on the Fruitbat Factory YouTube channel.

MAMIYA - A Shared Illusion of the World's End can be pre-ordered from the Fruitbat Factory store, or wishlisted on Steam.

Fruitbat Factory, Ltd
English version developer (Homepage, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Discord & YouTube)
Fruitbat Factory is an independent localisation house focusing on bringing interesting Japanese games to English-speaking audiences.

Kenkou Land
Developer of original Japanese version (Twitter, Homepage)
Kenkou Land is a Japanese doujin group that has previously published the boys' love visual novel Lemures Blue, which was adapted into a manga and novel by KADOKAWA Media Factory.

SOURCE: Fruitbat Factory

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