Pre-orders for Transformers Merch are Now Open at animate International, Shipping Worldwide

Cybertrons, beings which transforms into a cars, and Destrons, beings which transforms into guns and fighter planes. Animate International is now carrying merchandise from "Transformers," the popular series that depicts the fast paced and action packed battles between opposing robot lifeforms that is popular with children around the world.
■Order Page(Pre-orders close June 17th 2021 JST)

■Product Information
Transformers Cut Out Stickers ¥591 Each

Transformers Insignia Tilt Shift Button Badge ¥600

Transformers Reflective Key Chain ¥819 Each
 Energon Cube

Transformers Button Badge Set ¥591 Each

Transformers Logo Acrylic Key Chain ¥682 Each
 Tatakae! Cho Robot Semeitai
 Beat Wars
 Micron Densetsu

Transformers Title Acrylic Key Chain ¥864 Each
 Chikyu Dashuttsu!
 Futari no Convoy
 Space Brdige Sakusen
 Megatron Chikyu Seifuku Sakusen
 Star Screamer Troop

Transformers Clear File ¥500 Each
 Cybertron Destron
 Bumble Bee

・Tote Bag ¥1,480 Each
 Cybertron Destron
 Bumble Bee

Transformers Oval Key Chain ¥787 Each
 Optimus Prime

・T-Shirts ¥4,167 Each
 Cybertron Logo(M,L,XL)
 Destron Logo(M,L,XL)
 Optimus Prime(M,L,XL)
 Cybertron Art(M,L,XL)
 Destron Art(L,XL)

"トランスフォーマー" & "TRANSFORMERS" are registered trademarks of Tomy Company, Ltd.
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