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Kenshi Yonezu Global J-Pop Hitmaker Returns with New Song 'Mainichi - Every Day'





NEW YORK, NY (May 29, 2024) – Chart-topping J-pop artist KENSHI YONEZU today debuts his newest song “Mainichi – Every Day” alongside the track's official music video. Available everywhere now, the buoyantly up-tempo track is a one-stroke sketch of Yonezu's everyday life. Opening with the heartfelt lyric, “Every day, every day, every day, every day, I've worked hard in my own way,” the track evolves into a bouncing, lively rhythmic vibe as Yonezu repeats the days of the week, “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.” Making its debut alongside “Mainichi – Every Day” is the song's official music video – watch here. Directed by Yūsuke Tanaka in his first collaboration with Yonezu, the one-shot visual features Yonezu alongside seven dancers, choreographed by Tomohiko Tsujimoto – watch here.

Kenshi Yonezu wrote “Mainichi – Every Day” for Coca‑Cola (Japan) Company, Ltd.'s new commercial for their canned coffee line “Georgia.” The track is featured in the commercial, which stars actor Osamu Mukai, actress Minami Hamabe, and pro-basketball player Yuki Kawamura – watch here.*


After taking the Vocaloid scene by storm under the moniker Hachi, Kenshi Yonezu began releasing music under his real name in 2012.

In 2018, he wrote “Lemon” as the theme song of the TBS Friday Drama series Unnatural. The song sold millions and went on to win the “Best Drama Song” category of the 96th The Television Drama Academy Awards, setting an array of records such as receiving the fastest the RIAJ (Record Industry Association of Japan) certification of 3 million downloads. The same year, he wrote and produced Foorin's “Paprika,” released as the cheer song for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

“Lemon” continued to expand its support base throughout the year, sweeping the annual charts, its music video surpassing 690 million views, and the combined digital/physical sales surpassing 3 million units, making it the most iconic song of the year. He closed the year with his first appearance in the Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red & White Year-end Song Festival). His first TV performance created a huge buzz, which led to “Lemon” accomplishing many feats in music history, sweeping the annual charts two years in a row, topping Billboard Japan's year-end charts for two consecutive years as the first song in both US and Japan to do so, and renewed the Oricon Weekly Karaoke chart history by “staying at #1 for 85 weeks straight.”

In 2019, Yonezu produced Masaki Suda's “Machigaisagashi” and released “Spirits of the Sea,” the theme song of the movie Children of the Sea, as well as the self-cover of “Paprika” which he had originally written for Foorin. His single “Uma to Shika,” released as the theme song of the TBS drama series No Side Game, marked the combined digital/physical sales of over 1.2 million units. The song drew a lot of reaction by also being used in the phenomenal Rugby World Cup. And in December that year, he wrote Arashi's “Kite” as the “NHK2020 Song.” The song was performed for the first time by Arashi at the Kohaku Uta Gassen.

In 2020, Yonezu wrote “Kanden” as the theme song of the TBS drama series MIU404 and released his fifth studio album STRAY SHEEP. One week later, the album surpassed the sales of one million units. It went on to sell 1.5 million units, gaining over two million points on the Oricon Consolidated Album Chart, and collecting 46 No. 1's in the 2020 annual charts. In addition, he performed in an innovative virtual concert hosted by the online game Fortnite played by 350 million users, collaborated globally with UNIQLO on their UT collection, participated in the GIVENCHY 21SS collection Instagram project alongside other celebrities from around the world. His motivated activities won high acclaim from home and abroad; STRAY SHEEP was #7 on the IFPI Global Album All Format Chart 2020, and the artist himself was listed in Forbes' 100 Asian Digital Stars. Domestically, he was awarded the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists (Popular Performing Arts Division) among other achievements.

2021 saw the release of “Daydream,” the theme song for NTV's news zero. Yonezu also released the single “Pale Blue,” the theme song of the TBS drama series Rikokatsu. The song was ranked #1 on Billboard's consolidated chart, making him the first artist in chart history to dominate the top three on Oricon's Download Chart. In addition, he released the music video of “Shinigami,” a song in the motif of rakugo (Japanese traditional seated comedy).

In 2022, Yonezu wrote “POP SONG” for the PlayStation TV commercial in which he played a part. He also wrote “M87,” the theme song of the movie Shin Ultraman, as well as “KICK BACK,” the opening theme of the anime series Chainsaw Man. The latter entered Spotify's Global Top 50, a first-ever by a Japanese artist; the Oricon Weekly Singles chart dated December 5 stated that it debuted at #1, selling over 300k units in the first week of release, the first feat as a solo artist in the Reiwa era. The song also topped Billboard Japan's Anime Chart for 21 consecutive weeks.

In 2023, Yonezu wrote “LADY” for the TV commercial of “Georgia” coffee product line, followed by “Moongazing,” as the theme song of the action role-playing game FINAL FANTASY XVI. In July, he wrote “Spinning Globe” for The Boy and the Heron, Studio Ghibli's latest movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The song also turned out to be the 100th song released under Kenshi Yonezu's real name. He also appeared in the in fashion brand LOEWE's FW23 men's collection campaign, coinciding with the brand's 50th anniversary in Japan. August saw the Gold certification of “KICK BACK” by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), marking Yonezu as the first artist to achieve such a feat “for the first time in history” with a song “with Japanese lyrics.” He was selected as the first and only Japanese artist to be a part of the “RIAA Class of 2023,” with which the association summarized the artists who had flourished in the year; the news was widely picked up and reported as a highlight of 2023.

In April 2024, Yonezu wrote “Sayonara, Mata Itsuka! – Sayonara” as the theme song of NHK's Asadora (morning drama) series Tora Ni Tsubasa.

As for Yonezu's music videos, “Lemon” has surpassed 800 million views, continuing to break the records of Japanese artists. It is one of the 16 music videos of his songs that garnered him a commanding record of surpassing 100 million views each (“Lemon,” “Eine Kleine,” “LOSER,” “Peace Sign,” “Haiirotoao” (+Masaki Suda), “orion,” “Flamingo,” “Kanden,” “Fireworks,” “Paprika,” “Shunrai,” “Uma to Shika,” “Spirits of the Sea,” “KICK BACK,” Foorin's “Paprika” and Masaki Suda's “Machigaisagashi”). He has over 7.05 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel.


*“Georgia” is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company.
“Georgia” official brand website: https://www.georgia.jp/
“Georgia” official X account: https://twitter.com/GEORGIA_JAPAN
“Mainichi Drama Club (mydrabu) presented by GEORGIA” official website: https://mydrabu.georgia.jp
“Georgia Mainichi Drama Club” official Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/georgia_mydrabu

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