Requirements for Event Coverage

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Anime News Networks coverage of anime and manga events around the globe. ANN has published many articles on anime/manga conventions and festivals since 1998. Besides the event itself, ANN pays particular attention to anime and manga publisher announcements. ANN strives to provide the most accurate and timely news that comes out of an event.


Present your subject simply and directly. Please type single-spaced. Please email us the article in a text format.

There is no minimum word count, as some articles have a high proportion of pictures or illustrations. Although longer articles are printed from time to time as may be warranted by the subject matter, try not to exceed 1,500 to 2,000 words unless (A) you have cleared this in advance with the editor, or (B) you wish to provide us the option to choose the most important material and edit accordingly. Address your subject simply, in clear English. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity and style. When possible, articles should include:


Important details, Name of event, website, location, Attendance numbers(prereg, final) Number of Live event rooms, video rooms Accurately spelled names of participants Appropriate drawings/photographs, etc. Comment from the leader of the event(con chair) about the success of the event on Sunday. List of Guests & Companies that attended(anime, manga, & gaming) List of all product announcements and or new news. Any interviews with Guests of Honor(American, Japanese)

Style Generally speaking, do not use the first tense. Also, try not to use the passive voice: "Oshii didn't tell Okiura how to work." instead of "Okiura wasn't told how to work by Oshii." If you are not an accomplished writer, do not worry: Knowledge of the subject matter and accuracy are more important than an ability to write well; we can help you with the latter!

Photo Prep Number each photo, put your name or initials on each, and send clear captions for every photo. Key caption numbers to the numbers on the photos. We only accept photographs via email. Please keep them under 1 meg in size.

PHOTOGRAPHY Event coverage and individual photos.

Avoid cluttered backgrounds. Take shots with a clear background. Don't photograph a company representative or guest with a clutter of objects in the background.

Use a clean flat surface as background, e.g., clean concrete, dry wall board, or a wooden floor or table top. A clean white table cloth on a table is fine to take close pictures of new products.

Ensure adequate lighting and a sharp focus.

When taking static shots: Get some pictures from low angles, even if this means squating down on your knees.

Have an eye for details: Get good close-ups of people and new products.

Cloudy days don't permit good outdoor color action shots.

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