Darkside Blues


Darkside Blues
Darkside Blues was originally released by US Manga Corps in subtitled form over a year ago, and back then I thought it was delightfully creepy and enjoyable. I still do, but the dub certainly doesn't help matters any.

Darkside comes into the burnt-out post-apocalyptic Shinjuku (the Dark Side of Tokyo) from a black hole in the ground. The Personna Corporation, who owns everyplace else besides the Dark Side of Tokyo, sees him as a threat after learning of his powers, and his intent: to help the inhabitence of the city break free from the control Personna is trying to wield over them.

The biggest problem with Darkside Blues is the music. Accompanied by the mindless wailing of an old crone blues singer (combined by his torturing of a guitar), quite a mood is set by this anime, but unfortunately, this song (which is in English... kind of) is quite unbearable.

Oh yeah... the dubbing. It's typical US Manga Corps. Horribly cast, and some of the actors should not be allowed in a studio while others are just fine. This deserved better.
Production Info:
Overall : B
Overall (dub) : C-
Story : A-
Animation : A
Art : A+
Music : C-
Director: Yoshimichi Furukawa
Music: Kazz Toyama
Character Design: Hiroshi Hamasaki
Art Director: Chisato Sunagawa
Director of Photography: Akihiko Takahashi

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