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Earthian - Final Battle
Earthian is one of those shojo series that you wish they'd done a slightly better job with the anime because you know that if they did, it would be just excellent. While the animation in the last two episodes is good -- better than the other two -- it just isn't the kind of anime that truly achieves greatness. That's a shame.

Chihaya, after finding the artificial angel known as Messiah (who has been created to bring an end to the world), goes off in search for the green haired one. Meanwhile, Messiah does some odd jobs for all the wrong people, hoping to meet Chihaya on the way (and not being too successful). Only after he meets Chihaya (after slipping into hallucinations) does he recognize his true feeling: love. While his creator is reprogramming him to eliminate all human characteristics from his personality.

You can probably guess the ending. It's obvious that the problem here is the original source material: Earthian just wasn't that good plot-wise. (I'm not a fan of Yun Kouga's art either, for that matter). At least the dubbing has improved quite a bit, to the point where I STILL want a bilingual DVD. (Thanks, Costal Carolina!)
Overall : B+
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Production Info:
Nobuyasu Furukawa
Yoriyasu Kogawa
Kenichi Ohnuki
Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Yoriyasu Kogawa
Katsuhiko Takayama
Original Character Design: Yun Kouga
Character Design: Kenichi Ohnuki
Art Director: Hidetoshi Kaneko
Animation Director: Kenichi Ohnuki
Sound Director: Noriyoshi Matsuura
Director of Photography: Yōsuke Moriguchi
Executive producer: Toshiki Takatsuka
Eiji Abe
Hiroshi Tazaki

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