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Master of Mosquiton

Master of Mosquiton
Master Mosquiton is one of the most deliciously odd shows I've ever come across. I do include what might be considered spoilers below -- but the people who made this obviously had about as much interest in the plot of it as I have in seeing "Practical Magic." Each of the 6 episodes opens with a brief scene of intense gothic horror/romance, with dark, brooding music. The scene ends, and the title fades onto the screen accompanied by a dark organ dirge. The screen fades to black... and a horde of flappers wander into the sound booth. The opening credits are backed by a full on twenties swing band, with still, black and white sketches of Mosquiton inserted into various famous images from the twenties (when the show takes place) -- including the poster for Keaton's The General, only Mo-chan, being a vampire, is holding a huge cross.

Mosquiton himself is really odd -- he's tall, skinny, pale, a vampire, and has a huge cape all right, but he's so damned goofy you can't really take him as at all threatening. This is probably because he's a wuss. He's Irresponsible Vampire Mosquiton, except, unlike Tylor, he really IS as useless and stupid as he seems. He's a quarter human, which means he simply goes around with sunglasses in broad daylight, but he is vulnerable to being impaled on a stake, which, he is quite frequently. Just about every episode, in fact. It becomes a running gag, Mo-chan turning into a pile of dust right before the end of the episode. He's apparently bound back his vampiric powers to avoid hurting humans, but when he does get into a dangerous situation, he will feed on blood, power up, (his eyes turn red and leak blood) and turns into an extreme bad ass, with some quite spiffy powers which are each only used once, for reasons unexplained.

The only reason he's actually doing anything at all is Inaho, his current human girlfriend. That's right, she's dating a vampire. Her deal is her quest to remain 17 forever by use of an O-part. Her talent is her ability to turn ever situation into the most amazingly self-centered view of things. It's quite simply astonishing. She has a rival of course, her ancestor, Mosquiton's wife, turned to a vampire by him, who's given to fits of unexpected nudity, each of which generally results in Inaho grabbing the nearest gun.

The two characters who really turn the tide from interesting to genius are Hoto and Yuki, a pair of child elementals, who pretty much form a Greek chorus to the action, since, despite their inexplicable blind loyalty to Mosquiton, they do absolutely *nothing* unless given a direct command. Occasionally, one of them will be surprised by an event, or will offer helpful advice to Mo-chan (such as "I don't see why you don't just kill her." He replies, "I don't think she would like that.") On those rare occasions where they do do something, they transform into adults. This gives the filmmakers the opportunity to make extremely interesting use of the split screen for Yuki's transformation.

There's also some bizarre and utterly incomprehensible plot involving various turn of the century wackos, the moon, and pyramids: the same pyramids which house the O-part. Why Rasputin and St Germaine are doing with in ten feet of something that is much more interested in romantic hijinks...personally, when I hear the word 'vampire', 'sex comedy' is never the first term that pops to mind. Maybe it should be. Master Mosquiton is coming soon from A.D. Vision.
Production Info:
Overall : A
Chief Director: Yusuke Yamamoto
Satoru Akahori
Katsuhiko Takayama
Sumio Uetake
Music: Osamu Tezuka
Original creator:
Satoru Akahori
Hiroshi Negishi
Original Character Design: Shou Sawada
Character Design: Kazuya Kuroda
Art Director: Kazuo Ebisawa
Animation Director:
Kazuya Kuroda
Hiroshi Osaka
Umetaro Saitani
Takaya Saito
Hideki Takahashi
Mechanical design: Gorou Murata
Director of Photography: Hideo Okazaki
Executive producer: Masaharu Takayama
Masato Takami
Motoki Ueda

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