Sound Decision
Hand Maid May

by Jonathan Mays,
Title: Hand Maid May Original Soundtrack
Artists: Toshio Masuda
Label: Geneon Anime Music

Release Date: 2004-04-13
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98


When engineering student Kazuya unknowingly orders and receives a cute one-foot tall robotic maid, he becomes the target of jealous rivals, Cyber Dolls, and strange descendants from the future!

Anime fans will recognize this premise from the comedy hit, 'Hand Maid May' and with the U.S. release of the 'Hand Maid May' original soundtrack, listeners can revisit and enjoy the charming and thoughtfully crafted music from the series, which includes the bouncy opening song, 'Jump- Hug Me as Tight as You Can,' the ending song, 'My True Feelings' and the over-the-top 'Nabarap' (Nanbara's rap). This special CD contains the original 25 tracks and 35 bonus voice collage tracks, plus two exclusive full-length vocal tracks that were not available on the Japanese release!

Track list:

01 JUMP - Hug Me as Tight as You Can (TV Edit)
02 Subtitle
03 Overture
04 Main theme
05 Our time
06 How wonderful it is to be young!
07 The ladder
08 The room may be small But... the rent is high?!
09 Scene by the window
10 Eye catch
11 I'll do my best!
12 My master is Mr. Kazuya
13 Cyber Doll
14 Hi there!
15 I'm sorry but I must scold you
16 A bit of suspense
17 "KAZUYA" the mad scientist
18 It would be nice if I could do that
19 Rena can foresee everything
20 Sir Nanbara is Kotaro
21 Nanbarap
22 The Suite "Emperor Nanbara
23 Main theme (Strings Version)
24 Epilogue
25 My True Feelings (TV Edit) Bonus tracks (Voice collage)
26 Good morning
27 Have a nice day
28 I'm sorry
29 What should I do?
30 Thank you very much
31 I'm delighted
32 I feel warm
33 I'll do my best!
34 Good night
35 I'll switch it off
36-60 Materials for Voice collage ('A' lines ~ 'Rya' lines)
61 JUMP - Hug Me as Tight as You Can (Full length version)
62 My True Feelings (Full length version)

Total time: 1:06:14

(Added on 2004-05-20)

This volume was reviewed in the Sound Decision column of May 20th, 2004.

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