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The List
5 Best New Anime From Fall 2019 Season

by Jacki Jing & Lynzee Loveridge,

Fall brings with it my favorite things: cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice coffee, jack o lanterns, GHOSTS...and about 35 new anime series! If you're looking for the skinny on which anime you should devote your time to, head to Anime News Network's Preview Guide for reviews of practically everything that's streaming in October OR stay tuned in this video to see our top five picks. We narrowed it down by sticking strictly to the new stuff; no sequels!

5. Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Whoa, that's a mouthful, so we'll be sticking to just “Cautious Hero” from here on out. This season includes a ton of isekai shows but this is definitely the funniest of the bunch. The goddess Ristarte is just one of many deities charged with summoning heroes to help various worlds in need. This time around she's been Given a particularly difficult world to save and decides to summon a Japanese guy named Seiya who has incredible stats. There's just one problem, Seiya is risk-adverse and isn't going to jump into ANYTHING without taking all the proper precautions. This is, of course, maddening to Ristarte who just wants to get this last job out of the way and get her full-fledged goddess-ship going.

If you want want to check this comedic fantasy (and Ristarte's hilarious facial expressions), Cautious Hero is streaming on Funimation!

4. Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia

Fate fans, we've got a new installment in the mega-franchise and the animation is looking pretty amazing. Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia adapts the final chapter from in a story line from the popular mobile game but if you haven't been spending your allowance on gacha, we'll get you caught up. An organization known as Chaldea have monitored the history's timeline and sent the world's last master, Ritsuka and his Servant Mash to take care of any anomalies. The latest crisis is sending the pair waaay back in time to ancient Babylon where they find themselves face to face with Gilgamesh himself and three goddesses out of control. The action here is phenomenal, especially when Ishtar makes her entrance. Actually...she kind of looks like someone I know...I wonder...?

Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia is streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation

3. Babylon

It's the other Babylon show and it couldn't be anymore different from Fate/Grand Order. This Babylon is a modern day crime procedural; meaning its very serious business. If you've ever binge-watched Law and Order: SVU and wondered what is wrong with you, like I have, you'll probably enjoy Babylon. The story follows our straight-laced prosecutor Zen Seisaki as he investigates a pharmaceutical company that supposedly bribed some universities to fluff up how effective its latest drug is. He joined by his assistant Atsuhiko Fumio but the rabbit hole of a case only goes deeper with an ever growing bodycount.

This one will have you biting your nails in suspense. You can check it out on Amazon Prime.

2. Blade of the Immortal

This classic action manga is full of shocking twists and gallons of blood and studio LIDEN FILMS has executed (haha) that perfectly in its fresh adaptation. Our hero is the swordsman Manji, who due to worms living in his blood is unable to die. Lop off his leg, arm, foot, anything and he's right back again ready to skewer his foe. He's joined by Rin, a young woman whose family has suffered a horrible fate at the hands of a crazed group of swordsman. She manages to convince Manji to take up her cause for revenge, leading the pair on path of bloodshed. This series is definitely not for the faint of heart but if you can stomach some gruesome visuals, it's actually gorgeous? That sounds weird, but you have to see it to believe it.

Blade of the Immortal is streaming over on Amazon Prime if you need some action in your life.

1. Stars Align

This was a tough pick, but I have to hand to the school drama Stars Align for taking the “the school club is about to close down” plot device and really mixing it up. The story starts with Maki and his mom moving in to a new apartment. He transfers to a new high school and reunites with a childhood friend Toma, whose family is pretty wealthy. Toma is the captain of the boys tennis club and probably the only member who cares about it all; the rest of the members are more interested in goofing around. He tries desperately to recruit Maki so they have a chance to win a match and ultimately will be able to keep the club around, going so far as to offer to pay him. However, there's a lot more going onto this story than “saving the club” as both Maki and Toma have less-than-ideal home lives despite how things appear on the surface. Maki's dad is THE WORST and Toma's mom doesn't seem to like him much either.

This series is bound to be a tear-jerker! You can watch Stars Align on Funimation.

What are your top five premieres for this season? We'll even be nice and let you pick sequels. Cast your vote here!

Last week we asked you what your favorite boys-love series is and you all had a bit TOO much fun adding your favorite choices. Without further ado, here's the readers' picks.

  1. Yuri!!! on Ice
  2. Given
  3. Banana Fish
  4. No. 6
  5. Classmates
  6. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - The World's Greatest First Love
  7. Free!
  8. Gravitation
  9. Love Stage!!
  10. Junjō Romantica
  11. Hitorijime My Hero

Some notable additions included Berserk, Naruto, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I see you, Zac.

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