My Collection volume 
Blue Gender Hybrid DVD 5
Kiki's Delivery Service Hybrid DVD (It was fun. It was pretty. It was Miyazaki.)
Kino's Journey - Thinpak Collection Hybrid DVD 1-4 (Wow. Just... wow.)
Kino no Tabi - Book One of The Beautiful World Novel 1 (People say it's amazing, and in terms of story I agree. Felt like a light novel in terms of translation.)
Maison Ikkoku - DVD Box Set 1 Hybrid DVD 1 (Took me ages to plough through this.)
Mao-chan - I Will Protect the Peace of Japan Hybrid DVD 1 (I wish you could still get these at my local shop. :( )
Millennium Actress Sub-only DVD (It was very strange, but very good.)
My Neighbor Totoro - 2-Disc Set Hybrid DVD (If you don't like Miyazaki, then this will be the worst DVD you ever get. Anyone else will love it.)
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (2-disc) Hybrid DVD (Is it just me, or did her dress change from one frame to the next?)
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Platinum Edition Hybrid DVD 1 (...will I ever own a complete series?)
Read or Die Hybrid DVD (What can I say, I'm picky? ROD would have been better as a slightly longer series. As is, none of the twists really made me feel for the characters.)
Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar [Box Set] Hybrid DVD (Dub! Dub, dub, dub! Nooooo!!!)