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Cardcaptor Sakura (manga) Very good This should have been too cutesy for me, but there's something about it that grabbed me. I liked Sakura's relationship with the Guardians and the cards, and I loved her relationship with Touya, the perfect big brother. A point off for the borderline pedo relationship between one of Sakura's classmates and one of their teachers. Why did CLAMP feel the need to add something like that?
Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow (manga) Very good Same as the original Cardcaptor Sakura.
Count Cain (manga) Very good A title for those who like gothic horror set in Victorian England. Equal part scenery-chewing melodrama and genuinely disturbing look at the worst things people can do to eachother.
Fruits Basket (manga) Masterpiece In spite of a few nitpicks, Fruits Basket is the ultimate Shoujo title, with a boatload of extremely sympathetic characters to laugh and cry with.
Imadoki! Nowadays (manga) Very good A lovely, fairly light high school romance for spring or summer. The only issue might be that a scene involving a fake gun might now disturb some readers post-Columbine. In spite of some melodrama, the characters seem very real, and as an added bonus the teen protagonists don't hit the sheets once they fall in love - what a concept!
Magic Knight Rayearth (manga) Decent Most of the characters are cliche, and the dialogue is a bit routine. Rayearth is notable, however, for two things: the depiction of magical creatures and an ending with teeth that you probably won't see coming. A stepping stone towards CLAMP's better works.
Magic Knight Rayearth II (manga) Decent As with the first Rayearth series, this sequel continues to be a stepping stone towards CLAMP's better works. The denouement between Hikaru and Eagle foreshadows the "no one left behind" theme that would later be perfected to heartbreaking effect in Tsubasa.
Pet Shop of Horrors (manga) Excellent A wicked little horror series for us girls, with just enough good characters in it to keep it from becoming too dark. Even the extremely trippy ending somehow works.
Tokyo Babylon (manga) Masterpiece What's not to like about this one? There's Subaru Sumeragi, the supremely endearing psychic hero; the gorgeous artwork; and of course the beautiful, horrific and utterly unforgettable conclusion to the story. Not to be missed by anyone who likes medium/exorcist stories as long as they don't mind that the main character is gay.
Train Man: A Shojo Manga Decent A decent feel-good one shot. Perfect for quick, light summer reading.
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