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Anime Spotlight - Sakura Tricks

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Date: January 9, 2014 (JST)


Best friends all through junior high, Haruka and Yu have just entered a high school scheduled for closure once they graduate. Haruka, who is super attached to her best friend, begins to feel pangs of jealousy when Yu starts to make new friends and comes up with a plan to insure that only she will be Yu's special friend. What follows is a funny and wistful coming-of-age story about the ultimate best friends forever!


Haruka Takayama
VA:Haruka Tomatasu

A freshman at Misato West High and Yu's best friend. She loves it when Yu relies on her and wants to be spoiled by her. She's usually demure, but she's aggressive towards Yu. Yu claims she can be a very jealous woman. Her breasts are D-cups, but Yu thinks they're Cs.


Yu Sonoda
VA:Yuka Iguchi

Haruka's best friend. She's bright, friendly with everyone, and loves to be spoiled. When she suggests “Let's do something we'd never do with other girls” to Haruka, the two of them kiss. She loves green-tea flavored sweets. Her older sister, Mizuki Sonoda is a senior and the student council president.

Kotone Noda
VA:Yuka Aisaka

She's mature and goes with the flow. She's good friends with Shizuku. She's also freeloading in Shizuku's house. She has great style, and her parents are actually celebrities.

Shizuku Minami
VA:Hiromi Igarashi

Kotone's best friend and a bit of a shy girl. She has trouble fitting in with her class, but thanks to Kotone she's grown more proactive about socializing with others. “She won't stop talking if cake comes up” and “She holds a one-woman fashion show at home” are also some of her stranger sides.


Kaede Ikeno
VA:Mai Fuchigami

YUZU's best friend. She's a my-pace kind of girl, but she has her act together and serves as the class representative. She's also a bit of a doting older sister towards her younger brother and sister.


Haruka Takayama
Haruka Tomatsu
Yu Sonoda
Yuka Iguchi
Kotone Noda
Yuka Aisaka
Shizuku Minami
Hiromi Igarashii
Kaede Ikeno
Mai Fuchigami
YUZU Iizuka
Megumi Toda
Mizuki Sonoda
Saki Fujita
Sumi Otokawa
Momo Asakura
Rina Sakai
Yurika Endō


Original Creator
Director & Series Composition
Ken'ichi Ishikura
Character Design
Kyuta Sakai
Ryosuke Nakanishi
Music Production
Pony Canyon
Animation Production
Studio DEEN

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