Anime Spotlight - Oreshura

by Justin Sevakis,

January, 2013 (Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Director - Kanta Kamei
    (Bunny Drop)
Series Composition - Tatsuhiko Urahata
    (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, NATSU-IRO KISEKI)
Animation Production
A-1 Pictures


The protagonist, Kidou Eita, is a high school freshman with excellent grades and a disdain for love. He used to live a regular school life with his childhood friend, Harusaki Chiwa, a girl who's nearly a sister to him, but then one day the school's most beautiful girl, Natsukawa Masuzu, confesses to him. However, her true desire is only to fool the eyes of other and pretend to be a couple. With a certain secret of his in Masuzu's hands, Eita is forced to play along… But a fierce battle over Eita begins as his ex-girlfriend, HIMEKA, and his fiancé, Ai, join the fray!!


Kidou Eita
VA: Ryota Ohsaka
The protagonist of this story. A freshman at Hanenoyama Prefectural High, he's a good student who always stands at the top of his class. He used to suffer from “middle schooler's syndrome (a.k.a. Chuunibyou)”, and Masuzu discovers his diary from those days, using it to blackmail him into pretending to be her boyfriend. As for Eita, he's held a disdain for love ever since his parents' divorce.

Harusaki Chiwa
VA: Chinatsu Akasaki
Eita's childhood friend. Her skill in Kendo was great enough for her to reach the national championships, but she hasn't been able to keep it up since she suffered an injury in Middle School. She sees Masuzu as her enemy. She also loves meat.

Natsukawa Masuzu
VA: Yukari Tamura
Eita's “girlfriend”. Masuzu is a silver-haired blue-eyed girl returning from abroad who hates seeing couples together. After getting fed up with receiving confessions day after day, she uses Eita's diary as blackmail to make him pretend to be her boyfriend. She also has quite the sharp tongue.

Akishino HIMEKA
VA: Hisako Kanemoto
Eita's ex-girlfriend. She's the daughter of the family running “Ryokan Akishino” an old store that's famous around Hanenoyama. She's a bit of a shy girl, but she's able to be forward with Eita.

Fuyuumi Ai
VA: Ai Kayano
Eita's fiancé. She's a member of the disciplinary committee, and even though she's a freshman, many expect her to become the next president of it. She's set her sights against Masuzu's club, “The Women Who Pretend to be Something Else Club”.


Kidou Eita
Ryota Ohsaka
Harusaki Chiwa
Chinatsu Akasaki
Natsukawa Masuzu
Yukari Tamura
Akishino HIMEKA
Hisako Kanemoto
Fuyuumi Ai
Ai Kayano


Original Creator
Yuji Yuji
(GA Bunko
SoftBank Creative Corp.)
Original Character Design
Kanta Kamei
Series Composition
Tatsuhiko Urahata
Character Design
Chief Animation Director
Mai Otsuka
Prop Design
Tomomi Ozaki
Color Design
Izumi Sakamoto
Art Director
Yasuyuki Yuzawa
Director of Photography
Gaku Hirooka
Kentaro Tsubone
Masatomo Ota
Sound Director
Jin Aketagawa
Sound Effects
Yasumasa Koyama
Sound Production
Magic Capsule
A-1 Pictures

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