Anime Spotlight - Luck and Logic

by Anthony Foronda,

Broadcast Begins January 2016 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Koichi Chigira
(“Full Metal Panic!” “Brave Story”)
Concept / Series Structure / Script: Yūya Takahashi (QueenB)
(“Laughing Under the Clouds” “Lupin the Third Part Ⅳ”)
Original Character Design / Concept Design: Mari Shimazaki
(“BAYONETTA” “Ōkami”)


Judge Your Logic


In the year L.C.922, the demonic lords of Tetra-Heaven, the world of mythology, arrived at Septpia, the world of humans. The young logicalists belonging to the special police system ALCA, in order to protect the city and its people, "tranced" (combined) with goddesses of another world to throw themselves into the battlefield. Yoshichika Tsurugi, a civilian that led a happy life despite lacking a certain "logic", meets the beautiful goddess Athena one day and is led into an unexpected destiny. The future of the world was entrusted into the "luck" and "logic" of the young logicalists...


Yoshichika Tsurugi
VA:Kensho Ono

Main character of the series. From a past tragedy, a certain "logic" is lacking but is able to live happily with his family. Becomes the partner for the foreigner from Tetra-Heaven, "Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy".

VA:Sumire Uesaka

Goddess of Tetra-Heaven, another world. Meets and ends up living together with Yoshichika. A kind-hearted woman who hates precious lives being lost more than anything else. Filled with a sense of justice.

Tamaki Yurine
VA:Risa Taneda

Assumes the position similar to a leader among the logicalists. Acts harshly against Yoshichika. The serious class president type that excels at both athletics and academics. Partner to "Venus, goddess of love and beauty".

VA:Nao Tōyama

A goddess that came from Tetra-Heaven together with Athena. Has romantic inclinations with anything and everything, and notably falls in love very easily. Given the chance, speaks words of love to anyone, regardless of gender.

Chloe Maxwell
VA:Sora Tokui

A pretty blonde girl whose charm points are her ribbon and her ponytail. A sporty, bright personality that is friendly to anyone. Partners with "Valkyrie, goddess of war".

VA:Chiaki Omigawa

A goddess of Tetra-Heaven, and unlike Chloe she speaks very little, and jokes are lost on her. Acknowledges Chloe who is brave in battle, but sometimes feels melancholy from being tossed around so much by her in daily life.

Mana Asuha
VA:Inori Minase

Reticent with a sharp eye, does not associate with others too much. Always listens to music on headphones, and is often alone. Partners with "Artemis, goddess of the moon".

VA:Fumiko Orikasa

A mysterious goddess that arrived from Tetra-Heaven. A lady that loves and recites poetry of all sorts. Watches over Mana from far away. Nocturnal, she becomes sleepy when the moon is not up.

Yukari Nanahoshi

Used to be the manager of the high school girls' soccer team, but due to a forced summons she becomes a rookie logicalist. Likes to take care of others and volunteers to be the supporter for the members, but is sometimes clumsy. Has no partner yet.

Veronica Ananko
VA:Risa Mizuno

Naien branch manager of ALCA. Serves as coach for the logicalists, but sometimes enters the battlefield herself as well. Because of a certain incident, she harbors a feeling of revenge against the foreigners from another world. Partners with "Nemesis, goddess of wrath and punishment".

VA:Izumi Kitta

Goddess of Tetra-Heaven, and has a sharp tongue. Loves zombie movies, and is a sucker for anything grotesque. Contrary to her young appearance, she is highly knowledged. Has a stern eye against the young logicalists.

Olga Breakchild
VA:Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

A logicalist under ALCA. The analysis shows that there is an extraordinary potential as a logicalist, but...


Yoshichika Tsurugi
Kensho Ono
Sumire Uesaka
Tamaki Yurine
Risa Taneda
Nao Tōyama
Chloe Maxwell
Sora Tokui
Chiaki Omigawa
Mana Asuha
Inori Minase
Fumiko Orikasa
Yukari Nanahoshi
Veronica Ananko
Risa Mizuno
Izumi Kitta
Olga Breakchild
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Utsutsuno Yaruno
Hozumi Gōda
Shiori Tsurugi
Ai Kayano
Kana Ueda
Ryū Nakatani
Suzuko Mimori
Kosuke Toriumi


Original Story
Concept / Series Structure / Script
Yūya Takahashi (QueenB)
Koichi Chigira
Assistant Director
Takashi Naoya
Original Character Design / Concept Design
Mari Shimazaki
Character Design
Rai Aoi
Sub Character Design
Takayuki Yanase
Creature Design
Kenji Ando
Mechanical Design
Yuji Tani
Makoto Kobayashi
Assistant Concept Design
Ayako Sada
Chief Animation Director
Katsuzo Hirata
Art Director
Hirotsugu Kakoi (Totonyan)
Color Setting
Kei Ishiguro
Director of Cinematography
Takafumi Kuwano
3D Director
Eiji Inomoto
Aya Hida
Setting Cooperation
Norimitsu Kaihō (Nitoroplus)
Tatsuya Katou
Music Production
Sound Effect Director
Hozumi Gōda
Animation Production
Luck & Logic

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