ANNCast Holiday Special II Part Two

by Zac Bertschy and Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Holiday Special II Part Two

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It's finally come to this: you're waiting in line at the airport to have some tasteful nudes of yourself taken. You're hiding out in the back room at Grandma's, waiting for Uncle Jimbo's fifth of whiskey to wear off. You're sitting in the back seat of your parents' car, being driven to your aunt's house for coffee cake and a political argument. What are you supposed to fill all that time with?

What better way than the ANNCast Holiday Special Part II?! Last week we counted down our Top 10 Anime of all time and the 10 Worst Movies Ever, and in a totally unexpected turn of events, this week we're doing the opposite! It's our 10 Worst Anime Ever and our 10 Best Movies Ever! Who'da thunk?

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NSFW Language Warning: Lots of swearin' in the worst anime segment! Fun times!

ANNCast Holiday Special II Part Two Breakdown

00:20 Our Holiday Special ground rules (listen closely!) and then 10 Worst Anime - #10!

06:40 10 Worst Anime - #9!

11:00 10 Worst Anime - #8!

15:55 10 Worst Anime - #7!

19:40 10 Worst Anime - #6!

23:10 10 Worst Anime - #5!

27:05 10 Worst Anime - #4!

31:05 10 Worst Anime - #3!

35:20 10 Worst Anime - #2!

39:00 10 Worst Anime - #1!

43:10 10 Best Movies - #10!

47:50 10 Best Movies - #9!

51:10 10 Best Movies - #8!

55:30 10 Best Movies - #7!

59:10 10 Best Movies - #6!

01:03:30 10 Best Movies - #5!

01:07:00 10 Best Movies - #4!

01:12:25 10 Best Movies - #3!

01:17:20 10 Best Movies - #2!

01:21:50 10 Best Movies - #1!

And that's it! See you next time!

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