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by Zac Bertschy,

ANNCast 073 - Pop Vulture

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Tokyopop is dead; who better to bring in than manga aficionados like Erica Friedman from Yuricon and our own Lissa Patillo to apply carefully-wielded surgery instruments to the corpse? We talk about the history of the company, what might've been done, what could've been done, what shouldn't have been done, and of course, Stu Levy's long, long shadow. Plus: The future of the manga industry in America and the size of the hole Tokyopop may have left, Sailor Moon comin' back, and more! And there's also Twitter Time! This show is free!!

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NSFW Language Warning: Some cursing, but there are ladies present so that makes it OK.

ANNCast Episode 73 Breakdown

00:20 Erica & Lissa introductions; what they've been reading lately

08:00 Tokyopop is dead! Let's talk about it. For a really long time.

22:00 The Rising Stars of Manga, and which of those stars you should look up

28:00 Remember Princess Ai? Yeah, that happened.

33:45 Ambition vs. pragmatism and keeping people employed

43:30 Those pesky Rising Stars of Manga contracts; did they suck or not?

53:50 So what's next for the manga industry? Is this the bottom?

01:03:10 Sailor Moon is back! Internationally!

01:10:10 Twitter time! Could Tokyopop have been sold rather than shuttered? What titles deserved more exposure? What sort of future do manga-inspired comics have, and more! There's always more!!

And that's it! See you next time!

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