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Special Edition

Answerman: Special Edition

Alright, so last week I said I'd do a special edition Answerman of the top 10 most asked questions. I didn't get to it last week, so here it is today.

Starting with number 10:

10. Are the rumors of another Slayers season in production true?
-Joann Garcia

Nobody knows. A few years back, someone announced that there would be a "Slayers Classic" or "Slayers Again" TV series that'd be out sometime in the year 2000. There hasn't been any Slayers news in a while, so this turned out to be purely rumor. Keep an eye out, though - it's still a popular franchise, so there's the possibility of more on the way. We know there's a new movie coming out this fall titled “Slayers Premium”, though, and it features the original TV cast.

9. Hi! I had seen a number of Excel Saga episodes at a con last spring - and heard at the time that ADV had picked up the rights. I've been really, really looking forward to the release of this series. Now its early 2001, and its *still* nowhere on ADV's schedule. ADV does really have it, yes? And if so, why is it taking sooooooo long? I thought it was the most insanely hilarious series I've ever seen - it had me literally gasping for breath between laughter. Please tell me it really is on its way...


ADV announced this series and at AnimeExpo 2000, Greenfield said that they had it on their “accelerated release” schedule so it'd be out sometime sooner than the other titles they'd licensed (Much like Orphen was until they found that the PS2 game they were trying to tie it in with was a big pile of monkey leavings). At AX2001, they mentioned February as a possible release date - although apparently there are so many extra features on the disc, it's taking them longer than usual to put it out. So, we don't know yet, and neither does ADV. Just keep your pants on.

I've got a burning question? What's up with the U.S. release of Neon Genesis Evangelion movie(s)? Has anything happened with Manga trying to release it? What's the deal? I've got lousy copy of a fan-sub that's getting old. I really want this puppy on DVD to hear that great soundtrack with crisp, clear clarity.

Thanks in advance!

Steven Schrab

Manga shelved the plans they had for a theatrical release and instead are aiming for a DVD and video release in January. Here's hoping they have the translated theatrical poster on the cover; I just love that tagline. “Wouldn't if be nice if everyone would just die?” Truly, the ultimate Evangelion catchphrase.

7. I just need some confirmation info concerning Revolutionary Girl Utena and was hoping you would be able to help me answerman. Is it ture that the Black Rose Duelists were purchased by Central Park Media (up to episodes 26)?? And they have no intentions of purhasing the rest because of the nature of Anthy and her brother's relationship?? And can you tell me whether the Utena movie will be released in the US? I really want the movie but I don't want to buy the fansub and then have the movie come out in the US ya know. Saves a lot of money. So I've heard all these rumors and hopefully you can either verify them or put them to rest for me. Thanx so much :)

CPM did indeed purchase the Utena TV series up through episode 26. The reason for this, I heard, is that they wanted to test the waters to see if people would buy up through 26. If those episodes sold well enough, then they'd license the rest of the show. Most people consider it to be licensed - CPM has an option on the series and there are enough Utena fans out there to make the show a success. The Utena movie was also licensed by CPM and is set to be released October 16th.

6. I have got a question that has bothered me for some great time now. In the previews for Kiki's Delivery Service the movie there is a preview for Castle in the Sky. And it has never come out yet. Is it going to come out here in america or do I have to wait forever to get it or is there another way to get the movie. If there is could you be so kind enough to tell me please. Thanks for your help.


This is a popular question. Right now, nobody knows when Laputa's coming out over here, and since it's been licensed, the only way to see the film legally is to wait for Disney to release it. So, you'll just have to be patient. Disney has recently said that Castle in the Sky will be direct to video though, so our hopes for a theatrical release have been dashed at this point.

5. I have only read your column for a few weeks and I think it's really helpful. Well anyway, I have a question about the 2nd Cardcaptor Sakura movie. Whenever I check out e-Bay, a lot of people have the 2nd CCS movie (on DVD) up for bids and in the descriptions, the sellers say that it has 'english and chinese' subtitles which you can turn on/off. My question is if the company who released both CCS movies have released the movies with optional english/chinese subtitles? I'm thinking the DVDs sold on e-bay are either fan-subbed or it's a scam.

Please help Answerman!!!


It's a scam, those are bootleg DVDs from Hong Kong. I've seen the subs on one of those bootleg DVDs, and they're completely awful. The translation is spotty at best and half of the dialogue isn't subbed at all. To put it bluntly, if you ever see any anime DVDs on Ebay that have English and Chinese subs or just Chinese subs and are from China, they're bootlegs and probably aren't worth buying. Usually the quality on those DVDs is terrible - don't waste your money.

4. Hi, Ok I know ADV (I believe) released Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R seasons. I didn't read too much into except I didn't see any mention towards subtitled. By any chance did they release subtitled episodes? Are they accurate? I read that one of the head honchos over there at that company said something that wasn't the greatest thing to hear in a letter. If they haven't, is anyone going to release subtitled Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R (Hopefully Pioneer)?


ADV is releasing the first two seasons of Sailor Moon in subtitled format on DVD sometime within the next two years.

3. Any chance Golden Boy will come out on DVD? Thanks

Probably within the next year or so. ADV said they're releasing their entire back catalog on DVD within the next year.

2. I was wondering if there's any chance that Watsuki would continue the Rurouni Kenshin tv series? I have heard rumors that he might make the jinchu arc a part of the tv series or continue with Yahiko as the main character. Is any of this true?

Nope. Those are all rumors. The Kenshin TV series ran a full 95 episodes long; while producing more TV episodes would make sense, shows that run that long don't usually come back. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying that any information you read now, unless it comes straight from the pages of Newtype, Animage, or Watsuki himself, is pure rumor. On the other hand, a new OVA series based on the first Kenshin OVA is going to be released in the winter time; apparently it's going to conclude the anime series. So, no new TV episodes, but you can look forward to some new OVA episodes.

And the number one question is…

*drumroll provided by Pete the Magic Divination Monkey*

1. Yes Mr Answerman
Would you answer me this do or have you heard of any sequels to the famous Flame of Recca? I have heard that it was in the making but I don't now how reliable the information that I received is valid so I come to you Answerman. If you could help me out I would appreciate it.
Have a Blessed Day.

I'd hardly call Flame of Recca “famous”, but as far as I know, there are no plans for a continuation of the TV series. The show ran for two seasons, and that's it.


Who'da thought it would be that damned Flame of Recca question? In any case, I'll try my hardest to refer future askers of the questions listed above to this article. As for Friday… keep 'em coming, folks.

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