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Hey, sorry the column didn't make it in last time. For those of you in need of a fix, here's 10 questions.


I am just writing on the Ghost in the Shell II project. I haven't heard or seen anything on it in a long time and was wondering if it is already out, going to be releases soon, or even being planned anymore? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Feist

The manga is already out, the film and television versions are under production, and the English language manga is coming out sometime soon. That's really all the news there is.

Hey Answerman,
Quick question, since the 08th MS Team is now being released on DVD will it include the 50min specail "Millers Report" or will that most likly end up on its own DVD or even worse never released here in the US.

Thanks for your time

Bandai hasn't really said anything about this, but I'd imagine the special episode will show up on DVD eventually, probably on the final disc. Obviously, they didn't air it, but it seems silly not to include it on at least the final disc.

I'm counting this one as three questions. No complaining.

I actually have a trio of questions:

1: Any word on more 'Big O?' Apprently (I got this from a fairly reliable source), the japanese episode 13 ended with 'To Be Continued' (which makes sense, because 13 ends with a good deal of unresolved plotlines, not to mention that the protaginists are about to jump into what seems to be The Big Battle), instead of CN's 'The End' (which also makes sense if CN couldn't say when or if they would show anything additionel).

2: Have you heard anything about the FLCL movie: I first saw it mentioned on Gainax's [english] website, but the specific page was almost a year out of date. When I last checked, the entire page had been replaced with 'Trailers will start being shown in February.' If there is anything more known, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

3: Some time ago, I recall stumbling across something about a new Armitage project in the works, but now I can't remember where. Does anything of the sort actually exist, or is my memory playing tricks on me?

Finally, a word on boxed sets. You buy it and you have the entire series in a neat little package. No worry about where ever you're buying from being out of the odd volume, and if its on VHS, you get the whole series in your preferred style of dialogue, without worry of the correct volume being out. And sometimes you get a neat little goody as part of the deal.

Thank you for your time,

-Douglass Weeks

1) The official statement from Bandai Japan is that "there are no plans for more Big O right now."
2) The Furi Kuri "movie" was a translation error. That website was simply a preview for upcoming OVA episodes.
3) There is a new Armitage anime in the works, it's coming out soon enough.
And yes, I know why people want boxed sets. I just don't understand the incessant whiny fervor that surrounds them. At times it seems as though people are totally obsessed with the concept of boxed sets.

Cheerio Answerman!

Recently I stumbled over a manga called Kamikaze from Satoshi Shiki. I instantly loved the mixture of swordsplay and supernatural abilities.

I believe the manga is not completed yet by the author, but do you know if there are plans for an anime series based on the manga?

Thx in advance,

The manga is incredibly popular in Japan and elsewhere. As with any popular manga, it may one day be turned in to an anime series; although nothing official has been announced.

HI! love your column

i really love "crest of the stars" i think it's one of the greatest series i've ever seen. and i was wondering if bandai will release the sequel to the series "seikai no senki" and "seikai no senki 2" here. i hope they do 'cause it's really a great series!
and do you know if they are making the third season of "seikai no senki"?

I was told by a Bandai rep at AX2001 that if Crest of the Stars does well, Seikai no Senki will be released afterwards. As for the "third season", technically Seikai no Senki 2 is the "third season" of the series. I'd imagine that the show will run as long as it remains popular, although whether or not there are plans for a fourth season remains to be seen.

My sexy Answerman,
I have a number of questions to ask you...most of them are your opinions on certain subjects. I hope you don't mind....
I've heard that Gundam (and all the Gundam related universe) was conceived to offer insight on World War II. I thought this was an interesting interpretation of the Gundam universe since it obviously does deal with the impact of war on society (reason why it was stricken from CN I suppose). I attempted to apply this interpretation to the actual series to see if I could pull out historical references and such forth. I wanted to know if you. the all knowing Answerman. agreed that Gundam was a metaphorical recount of WWII and if so, who do you feel the Gundams represent?
Now onto the wild west.....
As many of my fellow anime dorks I was ecstatic to hear of a Cowboy Bebop movie in the works, but that screws up quite a bit of the story don't you think? (Hey don't mock me, I used to get mad when Transformers had holes in the plot.) For those of you who haven't watch the series all the way through don't read this next, at the end of Cowboy Bebop we are lead to believe that Spike is in fact (Edited for spoilerish content). Now does this movie take place after the series or are the creators doing one of those "this happened between said episodes you just didn't see it now go buy our stuff..."?

Thank you for clearing up such confusion,
Missing Foot

Interesting thoughts on Gundam. I suppose it could be a metaphor for WWII, but then again, you can force metaphor into anything. I'd always thought Gundam was basically just a cash cow for Bandai and not a whole lot more than that. As for Cowboy Bebop, the movie takes place before the end of the series and focuses on a villain previously unseen, for the most part. We'll see how successful the film is, knowing the later fate of some of the characters.

Will we see the outrageous Mad Bull series out on Manga DVD? Please say yes!

Eventually, Manga will release their entire catalog on DVD.

Dear Answerman,

i just have 2 really quick questions
1. is there any chance of Angelic Layers anime or manga being brought to america?
2. is there any chance of One Piece manga coming to america?

thanx a bunch

There's a chance everything will get brought over to the US. Angelic Layer has a huge chance, being that it's a popular, high quality show. As for One Piece, nobody knows and nothing's been said. I don't even think the major companies know about it yet. Just keep waiting.

i am a huge fan of shoujo ai and shounen ai and i was wondering why there is not as many shoujo ai as shounen ai.
R.R. Sims
Simply put, Shonen Ai brings in the money far more than Shoujo Ai. Right now, Shounen Ai is a big fad among female anime fans. Shoujo Ai isn't so big among male anime fans. Yuri, which is essentially Shoujo Ai with graphic sex, is popular; but again, not as popular as Yaoi, which is basically shounen ai with graphic sex. Trends change over time, though; we may eventually see a reverse.


I know that Cat's Eye, an 80's anime series, has been released in Japan on DVD. However, I was wondering if it will ever make it to North America with English subs; and if so, has a R1 company already licensed it?


No American companies have licensed Cat's Eye yet. It's a little old; generally the older stuff gets overlooked in favor of the new. I wouldn't give up hope, but keep in mind that an R1 release is fairly unlikely.

And finally, from a reader who wanted to comment on one of the questions I had last week:

Hey Zac,
Maybe you can help me. I want an Anime that is a complete master work. I want the characters to be endearing to themselves, each other and the plot. I want the story to not be boring with lots of action and violence -- but not too violent where it would lend itself cliche'. Everything about it must appeal to everyone of every age. With plenty of attractive half naked nubile women, with a sufficient enuendo without being tasteless. It just has to be marketable to young kids while having everything for the adults as well. It should also be a popular enough title. Where it would be on all five major american television networks. And at the end of each week I want the immediate DVD release of the show to arrive in mail box with several hundred dollar bills. The musical score should simply be described as amazing. Full orchestral works by the Philharmonic -- and new age punk cyber elec hip hop pieces by world famous grunge metal techno bands.

See y'all on Friday.

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