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Look for the return of SubCulture next week, folks. I can feel the fires of cynicism burning inside again and it's about time to release them via my opinion column.

Here are today's questions. Read 'em and weep.

Just one thought on DNA2, which you mentioned last column...considering that the Japanese are starting to convert to DVD too, don't you imagine they will find some way to get this show into an acceptable format? It'd be one thing to not license it out to the US, but I can't imagine the copyright holders not releasing it in R2 at the very least. That's a huge loss in the original customer base if they don't...just random thoughts...

Jason Huff

The Japanese are just as picky as we are about DVD quality, so I wouldn't expect an R2 release either. Remember, the masters were destroyed. They can't do an R2 DVD release without the masters. Case closed.

First off, I would like to thank you for the great job your doing. Your work is making the world a better place. The world needs more people like you who answer questions for free.

I have found out recently that Oshii has completed a new movie called Avalon, But strangely I have not been able to find information about it anywhere. I am a great fan of Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell and I hope this movie is as good. If you have any information about this film (US theater dates especially) It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

Avalon is a live-action film Oshii did a while back, about a champion video game player whose ex-lover gets lost inside the game. It met with rave reviews at Cannes and is being released by Miramax in 2002 sometime. Oshii shot the film in Polish, and right now it's up in the air as to whether it'll have English subs or be dubbed in English; the Japanese version was subbed in Japanese.

a while ago adv released a tape dragoon alot like lodoss war but more jokes. it was agreat tape and the story and chaters where going some where, is there more or did they only make the one? thank you

That's all the Dragoon they ever made. Looks like you're out of luck.

Oy! Answerman!

A friend of mine bought this movie called 'The Boy Who Saw The Wind". It's a fancy retelling of the story of Icarus. Now, the cover has the Ghibli seal on it, and on the back it has that 'Magical Castle' that a certain company uses for a logo. Question really is, is that, when did it come out, and why can't I find anything about it on any Ghibli page? Oh, and are there new Fushigi Yuugi OAVs coming out? What about Cowboy Bebop 2? And just what the heck is it with ADV and Excel Saga? I'm kidding! KIDDING!


"The Boy who Saw The Wind" is basically a low-rent Ghibli knockoff film. They were trying really hard to be like Ghibli, but failed, miserably. I've seen the film, and the only words I could use to describe it were "nothing special". It isn't on the Ghibli page because it isn't a Ghibli film. Your friend probably bought a bootleg.

Is there any truth of Miramax licensing the second Ghost in the Shell movie? If they really have the license for it and release it on DVD they had better have a the orignal language with subtitles or will will be really pissed. We fans are very fickle. Is a Ghost in the Shell series really in production right now. I found out about it in online ofthe online fourms on Ghost in the Shell. It a TV exist what's the story? The first movie had some unanswered qustions but still a very good movie.

Okay, now I'm getting DVD questions (and demands) for movies that are in PRE-PRODUCTION. They don't even have a THEATER release date and you're already making demands on the DVD. Come ON, man! That doesn't seem a little ridiculous to you? Yes, a Ghost in the Shell TV series is coming out. Didn't I say that last week? I wasn't joking around. Nobody knows what the plotline is because no details are available yet.

Can you blame me for getting frustrated, folks?

Hi Anwserman:

Just out curiosity...
Are there any Anime that have been an incredible success in America but had floped in Japan???
Eligio J. Rosa

Now, that's a good question. Actually, there have been several. Perhaps the most famous case is Golden Boy. The OVA series was a huge success in America and yet didn't catch on in Japan at all. Same can be said of the Dragon Half OVAs. There are some sales figures and rumors floating around that the recent Animation Runner Kuromi-Chan OVA series sold better to overseas import markets than it did in Japan; this is partially due to the fact that it had English subtitles (again, this is just a rumor for the time being.). Haunted Junction proved to be a decent seller for Bandai, but the series was cancelled halfway through its run in Japan.

Hi Answerman,
I recently purchased the three tapes of Bastard!! and it Immediatly became one of my favorites. The one problem is that those three tapes are all that I can find that is sold (havn't checked fansubs yet) and I was wondering that since it ended unfinished is there any more to it or is that all? I have a friend that says that it actually had a series in japan and has more to it. Is this true and if so how many episodes and when will it get to America?
Thanks in advance,

That's all the Bastard!! Anime that was produced, but you can read the manga. There are translations available on the 'net, and the manga storyline goes far beyond what the anime included.

I apologize if you have answered this question before but I didn't come across it in your archives.
I know Love Hina is going to start to be released on DVD early next year but I haven't seen it stated anywhere how many episodes will be on each disc? Has it been finalized yet? Thanks

Richard Kekahuna from Bandai said that he thinks the first DVD will contain 4 episodes. We do know that they're coming out in February, though. I guess we'll have to wait and see what Bandai does with the rest.

Hello Answerman. I have a question (otherwise, I would't be emailing you?) Anyways, my question is about INUYASHA. I seriously love this manga series, and I have seen some of the anime. I would have never thought that they would never make an anime, because well, the manga has been out since '95, and thought that they were to busy to create an anime, but I am really happy they did. Anyways, this is just a simple question. Has anyone bought the rights for an U.S. Distribution for the anime? Yes, I know that the manga is in the U.S. via VIZ, or else I would have never found out about this series. ^-^

Also, one more question. Has Yoshitoshi ABe made a Serial Experiments Lain manga?

Well, thats it for me. Bye.

Viz bought the rights to the hugely successful Inu-Yasha anime series and it'll probably be out next year sometime. ABe never made a Lain manga.

Oops! Last week I said the new Fushigi Yuugi Gaiden OVAs took place before Miaka showed up. Apparently that's incorrect. The OVAs take place after Tamahome and Miaka got married. I was working off of old news; that, or my desire to see something related to Fushigi Yuugi without Miaka in it.

That's it for this week! See you all on Tuesday. Oh, and my apologies to the Ghost in the Shell guy; sometimes you have to make an example of someone so questions like that will stop coming in.

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