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Ms. Answerman: Beware

by Rebecca Bundy,


No rant for today, but I will say one thing. After watching the most recent DVD for Boys Over Flowers, I can honestly say that I miss cel animation. Not enough to wish anime would return to it, but at least shows back then had an excuse if they were choppy or slightly off-model.

Hello! Just a quick question! Does the new movie Van Hellsing have anything to do with the anime Hellsing? I recently have begun seeing trailors for it on TV and that got me wondering. Thank you!

Though the anime and new movie are not directly related to each other, they both have roots in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Abraham Van Helsing was a vampire hunter in Dracula, who is played by Hugh Jackman in the movie. Sir Integra Hellsing was the (great?) granddaughter of Van Helsing in the anime. In the book (it's been a while since I've read it so I may be wrong), Van Helsing specialized in vampires only, so it's interesting that both the movie and anime have adapted the Helsing lineage to include hunting all paranormal creatures. Hugh Jackman's Helsing and Alucard also sport similar looks (long shaggy hair, wide brimmed hat, long coats). So long as Van Hellsing isn't sent off to fight super-powered nazis, though, the only real relationship these two have is a love for the same piece of literature.

Dear Answer man
I have a couple of questions.
1- Do ADV of any company have the rights to the second season of "full metal panic"?
2- On Adult Swim on Cartoon Network why do they still edit some of the anime, i mean afterall it is made for adults.
3- You proboly have been asked this question yauns of times, but is there going to be a second season of Hellsing????

1. There haven't been any announcements regarding Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu and there probably won't be. As entertaining as Fumoffu is, only the characters and their personalities have remained in tact. Chidori and Sagara go to school and deal with the wackiness that ensues while Sagara adapts to a non-military life. There isn't an engaging story, there are no secret weapons or battles between armored battle units, and the huge cast of military-involved characters have been cut out from all save for two or three episodes. It's just a fun, enjoyable series that at best will scare off a lot of FMP fans while finding a limited new fan base who haven't already seen FMP. It's always possible though that ADV or someone else will still take a chance with this title.
2. “Made for adults” is a very general label that includes a wide range of qualifications. Cartoon Network, to keep their own butts safe, decided on a more conservative list of what young adults should or should not be exposed to. As a result, even shows aired at 1am in the morning are still forced to meet certain standards. For a full list of these changes, visit http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/columns/edit-list.php.
3. Yes, there is interest in and plans to make a second season of Hellsing. It'll be made sometime between the release of the final volume of the manga and the end of the world.

I realize that there have been lots of anime and manga about vampires,but not many about werewolves.Are there any?

To the best of my knowledge, there are no series that focus completely or even partially on werewolves. A lot of people mistakenly believe that many of the characters from Wolf's Rain are werewolves, but they are simply wolves who've picked up a few tricks to hide among humans. As for individual cases of werewolves popping up in shows, Machira from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust comes to mind. Jean from Spriggan is also a werewolf, but he never has a chance to transform in the movie. I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting, but anime isn't the right place to look for your werewolf needs.

I have recently begun to hear rumors that a new Hunter x Hunter television series will be created after the current OAV (Greed Island Final) finishes. Actually, some rumors specifically suggest it will begin a year after the end of the current OAV. I was wondering if you could substantiate these rumors or not.

As far as I can tell, these rumors are nothing more than the usual ones that show up near the end of a series. The fact that HxH is still a hot title after all these years says something about the longevity of the show, so I wouldn't be surprised if another OVA or TV series is being talked about or planned. Start reading ANN's news page on a daily basis for any official news on more HxH.

Dear Ms. Answerman,
I've been reading a considerable amount of manhwa lately and it lead me to wonder: Has there ever been any animated adaptions of manhwa? I'm assuming since the Simpsons was animated in Korea they must do animation but I never hear about Korean comics being animated. If there has been, has any of it been released in th US? Thanks in advance^_^

My knowledge of manhwa and Korean anime is somewhat limited. I'm fairly certain that Korean anime has been adapted from manhwa, but I haven't been able to find any titles to verify this assumption. I DO know that Korean anime is a fairly large business, not only for domestically made shows but also as secondary studios who work on Japanese anime projects. American anime companies (like CPM) are also interested in Korean animation, so I'm sure that within the next few years we'll be seeing both the anime and manhwa of individual titles.

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