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Let's just get straight to it, shall we?

Hi Answerman, my name is Guilherme and i recently became a huge fan of tenjou tenge, i watched all anime including the OVA´s and the past chapter, and i desperately want to know if there is a possibility of they make a second season or other OVA´s to finish the story? Sorry if this is a question that is already bugging you, but i really wanna know something about it, because i´ve been seeing a lot of talking lately around a possibility of they make another season. Could you say something about that plz?

Unfortunately, I don't think there's going to be any more Tenjou Tenge anime; they wrapped up what they could with those OVAs, but the story is just too sprawling and long to really be concluded in an anime series (not to mention the story isn't done yet, since the manga's still running in Japan). Your best bet is to pick up the Japanese manga somewhere and check around for translations; the manga's way better than the anime series in the first place. Just don't buy CMX's abysmal American edition, since it's all hacked up and edited.

Could "Fullmetal Alchemist" have been nominated for an Emmy for outstanding animated series this year?

Yeah, but it's unlikely given that the show is a localized version of a Japanese cartoon from 2003; the animated awards usually go to primetime sitcoms, like The Simpsons or Family Guy. It was considered a huge deal when Ricky Gervais, creator of the BBC comedy The Office, won an Emmy because the academy rarely honors foreign shows that run on US TV.

It's going to be a long, long time before you see any anime nominated for an Emmy; its television exposure and popularity will have to grow a lot in order for the academy to take notice. But hey, who knows? Maybe one day you'll see Kathy Griffin and Joan Rivers complaining about Edward Elric's outfit on the E! network.

I want to know how Anime writers get their jobs. When I say Anime writers I mean the person who created the original story.

There's actually a lottery system where American teenagers with "great ideas for an anime show!" are selected at random by the Japanese government to write and direct programming for Japanese people. All you have to do is write your name on a 3x5 card and mail it to Japan, and you'll be entered in the lottery!

Actually, that's a lie.

Japanese television writers get their jobs just like American television writers do; they go to film school and learn about screenwriting and then have to use whatever connections they can to land a gig writing for a TV show. If they're good enough or they win enough creative awards (or they're writing for a hit show), then they might have a shot at being asked to create a new series, but that's fairly rare; considering most anime come from manga series, the odds that you'd be asked to create your own series in Japan are probably even lower than they are in America.

I'm gonna take a stab in the dark here and assume that the reason you're asking this is probably because you have a "really great idea" for an anime and you want to see it come to life. It's a nice dream, and a pleasant thought, but you and about 39 million other American teenagers have the same idea, and I get letters from all of them, sometimes with "scripts" attached. I don't want to be the bad guy here, but the odds that your "really great idea" is actually "really great" are pretty low, unless you've actually taken the classes necessary to learn the art and science of screenwriting. Writing TV and movies is difficult work; just having watched a lot of anime does not make you qualified to write anime, just like driving a car does not make you qualified to design one.

My advice? Go to film school. Learn about the process. If you're interested in television production, that's the best thing you can do - and it's the only way anyone will ever take you seriously.

can u tell me —will there ever be any more episodes of chi—chobits any time soon?is chi in any other show?thanku

I can basically guarantee you that there won't be any more Chobits, especially since the manga's over, the anime's over and there isn't a whole lot of interest in the property anymore. However, you can see Chi (well, at least a version of Chi) in the CLAMP series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, where she makes several appearances. The manga's out now from Del Rey, and the anime's been on Japanese TV for a while, but isn't available here on DVD yet. Given the ridiculous popularity of the show, though, I can't imagine it'll be long before someone licenses it and brings it out, though.

There's no flake of the week this week, since I actually didn't get any crazy letters (except this one from some bootleg doll manufacturer in China who offered to sell me knockoff Gaara dolls for bulk cost), so check back next week, when someone might ask me about gay porn again or when they're finally going to make a Family Circus anime series.

For now I'll just leave you with another kitten photo, though.

Every week I'm consistently surprised by how funny some of you are, but as usual, one of you was much funnier than the others.

This week's winner is Mark Reagan, who tastefully avoided any sort of innuendo.
Or, you know, he didn't.

Here's Mark's caption:

Here are a few runner-ups; we had a lot of komedy kaptains making the same "I can see your finger!" or "I'm pushing my brain out!" jokes, so those were disqualified:

Boy: "If you don't tell anyone...I'll let you club a seal. A baby seal."
-Justin Neal

Boy: "Gee, thanks for the offer, but I can just spit my gum into the trash
-Betsy Williamsen

Boy: "Um... does everything on you get bigger if I whisper into it?"
-Marty Alesia

Didn't win this time? Well, here's your chance to win again!

If you want a chance to win a DVD, or some manga, or whatever else I happen to have laying around, do me a favor and bust out the comedy gold!

Here's this week's screenshot:

And it's your job to come up with the funniest caption possible. It could be dialogue, or a line or two explaining what's happening, or anything you like; it just has to make me laugh! A few words of warning:

1. Keep it clean. I won't tolerate any profanity beyond "damn" or "hell". Unless it's ridiculously funny and kinda subtle, refrain from potty humor or overt sexual references.
2. Humor that's only funny if you've seen the show the screencap is from is inherently not funny. The joke should be something anyone looking at the picture can understand.
3. The deadline for that week's contest is always Wednesday at midnight. Winners will be announced in this space every week, and they'll also be notified by email.
4. Winners will recieve their prizes anywhere from 2-4 weeks after they're announced.

5. Entrants outside the US and Canada are inelligible, unless you have a US or Canadian address I can mail the prize to.

What's this week's prize? Thar she blows:

That's right, it's a copy of Gunslinger Girl Volume 1! Five whole episodes of creepy little girls shooting people up! It's on DVD from FUNimation now for $29.98, but it can be yours for FREE if you're funny enough. Email your captions to [email protected]

See you next week!