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by Brian Hanson,

"Hello is there a way to contact the creaters of the Rosario + vampire anime series by email?"

"When is rosario+vampire season 3 coming
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"Hello, I just finished watching the second season of Rosario + Vampire, and I was just wondering if there was any word on a possible third season of the show. I looked online, and many sites I found gave no definite answer, but suggested there may be. I also signed an online petition for a third season, so I was just curious if you had any news on what might be happening there. Thanks for your help :)"

"I recently watched "Rosario Vampire" on Netflix and can say wholeheartedly that I am hooked. Unfortunately I hear there is news of no season three. I have been looking around on the Internet but nowhere can I find recent updates on the subject. I know that Funimation is a huge anime company and figured who else better to ask. I really would love to know if you are aware of any news on the season 3 whether in Japan or Americas, if one will even be released or if its already being developed. I can guarantee you that this is an insanely popular anime show that people really would like to continue seeing such as myself. Please respond in regards to my questions, would love to know."

"Hello, I've just finished watching Capu one and two of "Rosario + Vampire" and I was wondering if there were any plans at all for a third season? I know that the manga has gone much further and it seems like it's enough ahead to start making the anime again, and there's a huge fan base that would love to see it happen so I thought I would check. Thanks so much!"

"To Whom This May Concern,

I am a huge fan of the Rosario and Vampire series. I have been searching the net and forums for any up-to-date information on the creation of a season/capu 3 for this series. Do you have any information/knowledge if a season 3 (and hopefully additional seasons) are in the works. If not, could you direct me to someone who may have those answers. Thank you for your time and assistance."

"Hello I'm a very big fan of the Rosario vampire tv show and it has got to be the best! Animation I have ever watched in my life. As much as I enjoyed it I am sad to see only 2 season to such a great piece of work. So I'm asking do you think u will pick up again for a 3 season of Rosario vampires? I personally think you should because tuskune never graduated from yoki academe... And I think personally there is still some more story to be told. But If u do get the chance to read this I thank you for listing."

"i am merely one voice representing several thousands of people. to be blunt, in total we are reaching 33,000. and growing. always gaining new people. we have reached critical mass and are not going away.

our "request" is simple. we would like an official reply from Gonzo. regarding this anime. we understand that they have already spoke to one of us. saying that they do not know where to take the show. and they have other projects.'

that is an excuse. the show had just reached pinical [sic] of growth. characters had been developed, a origin story arch had just been completed. any fan could continue it from there with no problem. all they would have to do is stop the repetitive nature. that was the only thing harming it.

we understand that Gonzo animation is a japanese company, and they only speak there native tong. and we have already sent them a message today. and do not expect a reply instantly.

however, i digress. HERE IS THE PROOF!!!




if gonzo ignores us, the result will be simple. you will have angry fans. who will not like that company anymore. we are not asking for immediate action of creating another season. we understand that this takes time. however, we are asking for them to cater to their fans.

is that not what a company is suppose to do, as specially when you work in entertainment. you have P.R. among other things. but it all comes down to one simple thing. you have a product that you want people to buy and or watch. well here is the situation, people are asking for more.

we want an act of good faith, and would like this message herd and seen. because we are not going away. we are past the tipping point. and just want a very simple thing. we ask you with open hands and a smile.

we are your fans. and your growing audience. please do not ignore us. that is bad for business. everyone knows this.

check the internet, we really want another season."

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