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March 24, 2002

Osamu Tezuka Trivia Contest Answers

  • 1. What year was Osamu Tezuka born?

    A good way to start a trivia contest about Osamu Tezuka off, with his birth. He was born on November 3rd, 1928 in Osaka Prefecture, Toyono-gun Toyonaka-cho (presently named Fuchu city).

    Number of right answers: 47

  • 2. What was the first animated tv show, produced in Japan, to be televised on Japanese television.

    Sort of a trick question (there are a couple more). Astro Boy was not the first Animated TV series produced in Japan and televised on Japanese TV. Manga Calendar by Otogi was first aired on June 25th, 1962. The first episode of Tetsuwan Atom aired on TV on January 1st, 1963.

    Number of right answers: 8

  • 3. Tezuka´s Metropolis is (based on/inspired by/unrelated to) Fritz Lang´s 1930´s silent Movie Metropolis.

    Tezuka was inspired to create his Metropolis after seeing stills from Fritz Lang's movie.

    Number of right answers: 45

  • 4. Who directed Tezuka´s Metropolis?

    Rintaro, who's real name is Shigeyuki Hayashi directed Metropolis. I accepted “Rin Taro” as a common misspelling of his pseudonym, however “Taro Rin” was not accepted.

    Number of right answers: 50

  • 5. Name the manga/series, produced by Tezuka, that many people call the first Shoujo series.

    Princess Knight / Ribon no Kishi

    Number of right answers: 39

  • 6. Name an adult (bishoujo / hentai) movie produced by Tezuka.

    Number of right answers: 32

  • 7. Name a second adult movie by Tezuka.

    Number of right answers: 25

    The two adult movies (bishoujo / hentai) created by Tezuka were Cleopatra: Queen of Sex and One Thousand and One Arabian Nights (Senya Ichiya Monogatari).

  • 8. Name Tezuka´s first feature Animation.

    The first feature animation that Tezuka scripted was Saiyuji (Alakazam the Great / Journey to the West) released theatrically in 1961. It was based on the Chinese legend Xiyouji that has inspired many Manga and Anime over the years, including the legend of Son Goku in 1928 and, more recently, Dragonball.

  • 9. What Studio was this film created for?


    Number of right answers: 35

  • 10. How many more films did Tezuka create for them?

    None, Zilch, Nada. Saiyuki was Tezuka's first, last and only film for Toei

    Number of right answers: 6

  • 11. What manga series/recent anime series tells the story of Tezuka´s great-grandfather, a doctor at the end of the Shogunate.

    Hidamari no Ki (The Tree in the Sun), I also accepted Tezuka's Ancestor, Dr. Ryoan. As was expected, a lot of people answered “Blackjack,” but last I checked Blackjack didn't take place in historical Japan.

    Number of right answers: 22

  • 12. "Katy the Kitty Witch" was a character from which Tezuka-directed work?

    Unico, etc...

    Number of right answers: 34

  • 13. What happenned to Astro in the final episode of the Astro Boy TV series, as it aired in Japan.

    Astro Boy died in the final episode of the TV series, the episode was not aired in North America. Some people went into detail describing how he died (Astro dies on a rocket towards the sun to save the planet earth ) but I accepted anything saying that he died.

    Number of right answers: 41

  • 14. What profession did Osamu Tezuka study towards?

    Tezuka went to University and graduated as a medical doctor. I accepted anything in that vein (doctor / psysician) but I did not accept dentist or other incorrect medical specialties.

    Number of right answers: 58

  • 15. How many episodes was Tezuka´s Metropolis TV series?

    None, nada, there was no Metropolis TV series. :-p

    Number of right answers: 25

  • 16. Where do the big eyes in Anime come from?

    Tezuka's influence for those big eyes was American animation from Disney and the Fleisher Brothers, and subsequent Japanese Manga-ka and Animators followed Tezuka.Lot's of creative answer's here. I accepted anything that involving a Disney film or a Fleisher brother's film or any early American animation for that matter.

    Number of right answers: 41

  • 17. What was Tezuka´s first published tankoubon?

    New Treasure Island / Shin Takarajima was published in Tankoubon (Collected Paperback) in 1947

    Number of right answers: 19

  • 18. What was the name of the first production company formed by Tezuka

    Mushi Productions, anything with “Mushi” was accepted.

    Number of right answers: 50

  • 19. What year did it close?


    Number of right answers: 34

  • 20. What Tezuka title is considered by many to be the inspiration behind the Lion King?

    First of, “Cimba / Simba” is not the right answer, those of you who wrote that should hide your faces in shame. The correct answer is Kimba The White Lion / Jungle Emperor Leo / Jangaru taitei Reo etc...

    Number of right answers: 66

  • 21. What was Tezuka´s first published Manga?

    Tezuka's first published Manga was “Diary of Ma-chan” (Ma-Chan no Nikki), published in 1946 when Tezuka was only 18 years old.

    Number of right answers: 23

  • 22. Name Tezuka´s First Anime / Live action hybrid.

    I didn't expect very many people to get this one, the correct answer is Vampire

    Number of right answers: 4

  • 23. What year was it released?

    Vampire was released in 1968

    Number of right answers: 4

  • 24. Name another member of Tezuka´s family (by mariage) who is an award winning Manga artist.

    Okano Reiko, Tezuka's Daughter in Law, won the Tezuka Culture Award for her work on Onmyo-Ji. Several people mentioned Osamu Tezuka's son, who is an award winning director, but not a Manga artist. I also did not accept “Daughter in Law.”

    Number of right answers: 7

  • 25. What is the most important award this person has won?

    Okano Reiko, Tezuka's Daughter in Law, won the Tezuka Culture Award for her work on , Onmyo-Ji. I accepted “Tezuka Award”, “Tezuka Culture Award”, “Tezuka Osamu Bunko-sho” but not “Tezuka Manga Award.”

    Number of right answers: 13

  • 26. Which Tezuka Manga has been translated in Esperanto?

    Hi No Tori / Phoenix

    Number of right answers: 22

  • 27. Where was Osamu Tezuka spotted last March?

    A trick question. Honestly, this is a news site with archives, seems that only one person thought to look at our archives from last March and April. Take a look at this April's Fools Joke. A lot of people mentioned the Metropolis preview, I'm aware that there were a lot of cameos in Metropolis but I do not think Tezuka was one of them.

    Number of right answers: 1

  • 28. What are the two Tezuka TV series that started in 1965?

    Kimba the White Lion and Amazing Three are the correct answers. A lot of people answered Ambasador Magma, it was the Ambasador Magma Manga that started in 1965. A lot of people also answered Shin Takarajima, however this was a 1 hour TV special, not a series.

    Number of right answers: 30

  • 29. Name three experimental films created by Tezuka in the Eighties.

    I was expecting Jumping, Broken Down film and Legend of the Forest, but it seems some of you know more than I do. Other correct answers include Push, Muramasa and Self Portrait.

    Number of right answers: 24

  • 30. What Year were these three films released on video?

    I did away with this question. Jumping, Broken Down film and Legend of the Forest were released in the 1990 several years after being produced. Some of the other experimental films were never released, so the question was unfair.

  • 31. There is a museum in Tezuka´s honor, where is it?

    Takarazuka, Japan

    Number of right answers: 38

  • 32. Why is it there?

    A lot of people said because he was born there, he wasn't. Osamu Tezuka was born in what is now Fuchi City and moved to what is now Takarazuka when he was 5 years old. The Museum is in Takarazuka because that is where he grew up, I was however lenient and accepted “Hometown” as a correct answer (Is a person's hometown where they are born, or where they grow up?).

    Number of right answers: 30

  • 33. What was Tezuka´s Mother´s name?

    Fumiko Tezuka (Plain Fumiko was accepted)

    Number of right answers: 36

  • 34. How old was Tezuka when he wrote his first, not necessarilly published, Manga?

    At 9 Years old Tezuka wrote “Pin Pin Nama-chan”

    Number of right answers: 25

  • 35. What year did Osamu Tezuka die?

    Osamu Tezuka passed away on September 2nd 1989 at the age of 60 from Stomach Cancer. Proper answer: 1989

    Number of right answers: 54

  • 36.
    Ribbon No Kishi / Princess Knight / etc...

    Number of right answers: 43

  • 37.
    Amazing 3 / W3

    Number of right answers: 32

  • 38.
    Anything with “Unico” was accepted (Unicorn Boy wasn't!)

    Number of right answers: 45

  • 39.
    Hehe, I wasn't expecting very many people to get this one, that's Astro dressed up as a Cowboy, so the correct answer is Astro Boy, Tetsuwan Atom, etc...

    Number of right answers: 15

  • 40.
    This was a hard one, huh? What about the 9 people that got it wrong? Metropolis is of course the correct answer.

    Given the nature of this contest, I may have made some mistakes, I certainly do not know everything there is to know about Osamu Tezuka.

    If any one would like to discuss or correct any of the answers please feel free to do so in the forum, here.

    The winners scores will be tabulated and the winners contacted on Friday, April 12th, 2002, based on any corrections that may be made to the answers between now and then.

    Thanks for reading, -Christopher Macdonald

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