5th Anniversary Skin-Making Contest

July 27, 2003

To celebrate ANN's 5th Anniversary, we decided to bring in a breath of fresh air by changing the look of the site. But this isn't just any simple redesign — it's a skin! Yes, ANN is now fully skinnable; you can choose how ANN will look to you from among 5 skins:

  • ANN 5th Anniversary - Dark Blue is the new default skin
  • ANN 5th Anniversary - White is the same as Dark Blue but the right menu is white
  • ANN Classic - Blue is the old blue layout created in 2001
  • ANN Classic - Red is the old layout colorized in red
  • ANN Classic - Sandy Night is a negative image of the old blue layout

But it's no fun to be skinnable if you don't have enough skins to try out... so we decided to run a skin-making contest! We have a skin editor where you can create new skins based on the 5 existing models, so it's not too hard to get started provided you have some knowledge of HTML. If you have questions about the skin-making process, please ask them in the technical questions forum.

There will be 4 winners.
  • 2 winners will be chosen based on many people use their skins. This includes all skins combined; if you make 10 different skins, your "popularity" will be a sum of the popularity of all 10 skins.
  • The 2 other winners will be chosen by the ANN staff based on artistic value.

    The contest will be open for a duration of 2 months. On September 28th we will choose the winners. That gives you a long time to make a skin, but keep in mind that the sooner you make it, the more time it gives your skin to attract users.

    Each winner will get to pick one of the following prizes:

    Neon Genesis Evangelion box set - Death & Rebirth / The End of Evangelion
    Sol Bianca: The Legacy - DVD Box Special
    Maison Ikkoku - Box Set 1
    Adventures of the Mini Goddesses - DVD Box Special
    NieA_7 - DVD Box Special
    Cosmo Warrior Zero - Box Set
    Dragon Ball - General Blue Box Set
    Battle of the Planets - Ultimate DVD Box Set
    Utena, Revolutionary Girl: Apocalypse Saga DVD 1 (Hyb) +Artbox/Shirt [LIMITED]

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