Panty & Stocking - Win It Before You Can Buy It!

June 25, 2012

This contest is over, but please look forward to future contests and giveaways!

Congratulations to the following winners: Cortney Edwards, Josh Stankiewicz, Meghan Meling, and T.J. Condon!

And congratulations to our grand prize winner: Anthony Mondragon!

Get ready for Anarchy! Panty and Stocking have been kicked out of Heaven for misbehaving, and now they're hounding Daten City, a place between Heaven and Hell. Under the questionable eye of their guardian Garterbelt, they need to collect enough Heaven Coins to get back home. In order to get these coins, they need to destroy some ghosts along their way, but luckily, their lingerie transforms into weapons!

Produced by Gainax, this colorful and crazy series will be released stateside on July 10, but Funimation and Anime News Network are giving readers a chance to win the complete Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt series on DVD before it hits shelves! Four (4) lucky winners will receive a copy of the DVD set, while one lucky grand prize winner will receive the DVD, as well as a poster signed by the Japanese cast! This is the only poster of its kind available in the US, so enter for the chance to make it yours!

The contest is open to all, but will only be shipped to those residing in the US or Canada. Entries will be accepted until Saturday night, June 30 at 11:59PM EST, with winners announced on Sunday, July 1.

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