Anime Expo 2003
AN Entertainment

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Company Representative: John Oppliger

The release of Miami Guns will not commence until sometime in 2004. The release schedule is not yet determined, but AN is hoping to release the 13-episode series on no more than three DVD's. The remaining two volumes of Risky Safety will be released on 09/23 and in December 2003 respectively. AN would like to accommodate fan desire for boxes and box sets but does not want to charge extra for them. Assuming strong sales of the first and second volume, a free box will be included with the volume 3 release.

When asked a question regarding AN's acquisition of the domain name as a possible indicator of plans to license the anime “Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu,” Oppliger stated he would be unable to make any comment, but warned fans against “getting…hopes up.” According to him, it could have been acquired in connection with AN's current service of providing premium e-mail service using anime-themed domain names.

Regarding AN's future plans, he stated that for the time being, there are no current plans to expand into releasing manga, music or merchandise, but that a Risky Safety OST release is “not out of the question.” In the long run they are open to the possibility, which is a part of the reason they chose the name "AN Entertainment" as opposed to "AN Video" or such... In fact, AN Entertainment did look into licensing the Risky Safety Manga but chose not to pursue the license when they were informed that the Japanese publisher could not provide source material that met their standards.

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