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Anime Expo 2003
Urban Vision

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Representative: Rhona Medina

The first volume of the Ninja Scroll TV series will be released early in September 2003, at an MSRP of US$24.95. It will contain four episodes and extensive special features, a specially designed cover, interviews with director Tatsuo Satō and soundtrack composer Kitaro and a five-minute promotional trailer. The remaining two DVD's will contain four and five episodes respectively, with a box set release planned to follow the release of the last volume. The Region 2 (Japan) release of the series is not set to commence until at least December, 2003. In addition, on August 26th, Domo Records will release the soundtrack, which will contain twelve tracks. Urban Vision is also in the midst of developing t-shirts and other merchandise ideas, as well as exploring cross-promotion potentials with companies involved in producing the live-action Ninja Scroll film. There are currently no plans for the series to be aired on cable via any of the networks that have recently included anime in their programming.

The feature-length Ninja Scroll 2 is currently in the initial stage of development, with release projected to take place some time in 2005.

Because of Urban Vision's commitment to releasing Ninja Scroll, release of other titles in their catalogue is “on the back burner.” However, further volumes of Strange Dawn will be released later in the year and into 2004.

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