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AnimeNEXT 2003

by Kris Naudus,
Parts source Anime on DVD

ADV Panel

Company reps: David Williams and Matt Greenfield

ADV stated that their schedule is set through 2006 (but won't announce anything).

No information available on the last season/2nd box set of Sailor Moon, or Full Metal Panic! 2 at this time.

Excel Saga hasn't been approved for a boxed set or brick of any kind, though Princess Nine is coming out as a brick.

All of the dub actors have been brought back for the Nadesico movie.

The two director's cut DVD's of Evangelion will be out in December and January. Each will include both the original cut and the director's cut of each episode, so they can replace volumes 7 and 8 in the boxed set.

Puni Puni Poemi is ready for production and will be out in early 2004.

Super Milk Chan is currently being shopped around for TV broadcast, and will not be released until after it airs on TV.

As mentionned previously, ADV is expanding into merchandising, including toys and apparel. Titles that will merchandised first include Angelic Layer and Azumanga Daioh.

ADV is looking into having The Anime Network completely nationwide by the end of next year. They are also looking into getting it onto satellite. Work is being done on making two audio tracks available with closed captioning, so fans can watch subtitled anime instead of the current dubbed versions. They currently have a deal to show Right Stuf International licensed anime, and are in discussions to get shows from other companies.

They stated that they have several new titles to announce, but can not yet announce them because the titles have not even been announced in Japan.

Media Blasters

Company Reps: Ali Brock, Sean Molyneauw, Meredith Mulroney and Frank Pannone.

Media Blasters announced the aquisition of Mouse.

Gunparade March will be released in a special tin similar to the one used for HBO's Band of Brothers. Mitsubishi is assisting with the dub.

Regarding boxes, MB showed of prototypes and samples of the Kenshin Season 1 Box, the metal Gunparade March box and mentionned that 12 Kingdoms and Iria will also be receiving boxes.

They are going to be releasing manga now, though nothing has been licensed yet. Frank Pannone (late of CPM) will be in charge of that.

Central Park Media

Company Reps: Tom Wayland and Steve Pakula

They discussed the upcoming Alien 9 box, which is to include 3 manga volumes and 1 DVD. As well they mentionned that the 1 volume follow-up, Alien 9 Emulators, should be releaed early in 2004.

CPM is looking into aquiring Korean manhwa and animated titles.

IC Entertainment

Company Rep: Steve Bennett

IC Entertainment will be changing its name back to Ironcat, although they may change it again in the future. The Amerimanga anthology will be suspended as of the current issue.

IC Entertainment is in debt (they attribute this debt to issues with a former company employee), and as a result work on some some titles is being delayed in favor of more profitable titles. DiGiCharat and Hanaukyo Maid Team are among the titles that they are focussing on, Di Gi Charat: Dejiko's Champion Cup Theatre should be shipping soon (it is "ready to ship" as of October 20th). Hanaukyo Maid Team is said to be a large success. Dragon Fist and Black Crow are among the titles being delayed.

They will no longer be using sound effect glossaries in their manga, instead they will be moving to footnotes for untranslated sound effects in the future. They mentionned that some artists want to have the sound effects translated, while other prefer not to have any changes of the sort made.

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