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by Krissy Naudus,
No new titles were announced, although TRSI's representative reconfirmed that the company holds the license to the 26-episode Madhouse series Gakuen Senki Muryou.

Comic Party will be released starting January or February 2004, on a total of four DVD's. The dub is currently completed, but production of the discs themselves is still ongoing. Extras will include interviews with the Japanese voice actors. A box will be offered, but no decision has been made yet whether to offer it bundled with the first or last volume. Release of Gravitation and re-release of the Captain Tylor TV series are also both slated to take place sometime in the spring.

TRSI will continue releasing a print catalog, with the 2003 edition being smaller than previous ones. It will be in color and contain articles, coupons, and possibly some advertising. However, to save space, only DVD products will be listed. The feasibility of releasing two catalogs per year, one each in the spring and fall, is still being explored.

Boogiepop Phantom will be shown again on both the Anime Network and Tech TV.

In response to a question about possible theatrical release of any TRSI titles, the studio representative answered that because they are a relatively small company, they would rather focus exclusively on OVA and TV series release.

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