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Otakon - 2003

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Studio Representatives: Tom Wells, Brian Godwin

The primary emphasis for the next two to three years will be on releasing the rest of AnimEigo's back catalog on DVD. The only specific title mentioned was AD Police, which is expected to be made available before the end of 2004. There are no concrete plans to have any AnimEigo titles broadcast on TV, but "if and when" such an opportunity arises, You're Under Arrest will be the title most likely to be considered. Currently, there are no plans to produce an English dub for the Urusei Yatsura TV series. However, if sales of the movies and OVAs, which do include a dub, are strong, this will be reconsidered.

Since AnimEigo is a relatively small and very specialized company; there are currently no plans to expand into offering manga or merchandise.

AnimEigo has recently signed a distribution deal with Koch Entertainment, which should significantly increase market penetration and placement of titles in large retail outlets.

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