Anime Expo 2004
Anime Expo - Del Rey Manga

by Liann Cooper,
Studio Representative: Dallas Middaugh - Director of Manga

Del Rey held a small panel on Friday morning to a fairly well attended room. Though no new acquisitions were announced, Dallas Middaugh provided details on the company's current manga titles and showed previews of the upcoming volume covers. He began by giving synopses of their four current releases: Tsubasa, XXXHolic, Negima, and Gundam SEED. Middaugh then went on to give details on their two newest manga acquisitions – The Wallflower and Othello.

The Wallflower
Four handsome 15-year-old boys are given a chance to stay in a ritzy boarding house for free—the catch? They have three years to transform the landlord's less than attractive niece into a fashion savvy diva.
Scheduled for release September 2005; quarterly.

Ya-Ya is a meek pushover of a girl until her kickass personality, Na-Na, surfaces.
Scheduled for release October 2005; quarterly.

The last half of the panel ended with a question and answer session.

When asked about why their prices are more expensive than other manga distributors, Middaugh said a lot of the cost was to provide a high-quality manga as close to the Japanese version as possible. The majority of the cost was due to translating the sound effects, layout, and overall presentation of the book.

Regarding manwha, he stated that they have considered localizing some manwha, but there are no current plans to do so.

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