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Pacific Media Expo
T.M.R Press Conference

by Jonathan Mays,
Will your clothing line "Defrock" be available outside of Japan soon?
At this point, no. Right now it's website only. I will be opening up my first shop in Tokyo later this year.

What did you think of Friday's concert?
I want to thank all the people for coming and enjoying it. I heard that the L.A. audience has a good ear for music and is very critical about music, but the audience was fantastic, and I'm thankful for the standing ovation.

What are the differences between the Japanese and US audiences?
I think they are the mostly the same—both groups come to enjoy the concert. The key difference between the two is that the Japanese audience unites and enjoys it as one, while in the American audience, each person enjoys it his own way.

Where do you get your inspiration for your outfits?
Last year at Otakon, I wore the kimono to show my Japanese heritage. This year, since I was in L.A., the big city, Hollywood and the movies, I wanted to go with something Sci-Fi, so my inspiration came from Star Wars.

Describe your new album, "7th Heaven," to American rans.
The key difference between 7th Heaven and all the CDs before is that 7th Heaven was done after my first American concert. After the concert, I rediscovered myself.

How much are you involved in your music videos?
A. I am the producer for all the videos I make so I am very involved in all of the aspects like directing, writing, etc..

Tell us about your involvement in song writing.
After I did a concert for the first time in the US, I wrote about my honest feelings in 7th Heaven as opposed to others.

When you make your costumes, do you draw your own designs first or do you consult with staff members?
I draw my pictures by myself at first, but I also consult my staff members. It's a group effort and a fun process.

Since 1988 how do you look back at your accomplishments?
Performing at Budokan was a highlight for me—it's a special place for artists even though there are bigger theatres. It is where The Beatles first performed when they came to Japan.

What do you like most about visiting the US?
Meeting people is what I like the most. I hope to see new people when I visit.

Do you look to other musicians for inspiration?
There are a lot of American artists that I look to for inspiration. It's hard to pick one. My inspiration comes mostly from American MTV. I hope to do the same for American groups.

When did you start learning music?
Before singing I had no idea what I was going to do and had no way to express my feelings. Then, when I joined a band in middle school, I found a way to express myself. Also, the place I lived in was a rural area, and there was no other form of entertainment.

How did you come to play the music for Gundam Seed?
The director has been a fan of my music. When he went to my concert, he appointed me to write the music for the opening theme.

How about Rurouni Kenshin?
The same situation. The director for that show was a big fan of my music, and he came to me to do the closing music. Usually, a closing sequence is retired after three months, but they used "Heart of Sword" for six months.

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