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Otakon 2005
AN Entertainment

by Bamboo Dong,
AN Entertainment
Representatives: John Opplinger, Gene Field

To celebrate the upcoming release of Haré+Guu, the panel began with a screening of the first episode. Afterwards, Field explained that the ending theme had to be changed, because of licensing issues with Bandai. Instead, the theme has been replaced with one of the disco themes from a later episode.

Right now, the street date for the first volume is December 27. It will include 4 episodes, and will be dubbed by Bang Zoom! Entertainment. Each DVD will come with extensive translation and liner notes. The entire series will be released on seven discs, with the first volume having the option of coming with an artbox.

AN Entertainment only has the distribution rights for the Haré+Guu TV series and Haré+Guu Deluxe, but they expect to license Haré+Guu FINAL at some point. They're thinking about including a fuzzy wig (that doubles up as chest hair) as a limited edition item with the artbox, but they're not sure yet.

The company will be re-releasing Risky Safety and Miami Guns with a distributor that cannot be disclosed yet. The discs will be repackaged and repriced, and may be put out in sets, with a possibility of reproduced boxes. However, there won't be a box for Miami Guns.

During the question and answer session, it was revealed that the Haré+Guu discs would include production sketches, art galleries, and dub outtakes. The original Japanese trailers will also be included. Although AN Entertainment has the short pilot animation produced for the series, it is attached to the Haré+Guu Deluxe license and will be released later. There is a possibility that the title will have interactive liner notes, like the ones that were used for Miami Guns.

The individual volume covers will not be matching the Japanese covers because of the difference in episode break-up. It was also mentioned that the disc art will be AN Entertainment's own.

As was mentioned, the rights to the ending theme were not included in the license. In episode 20, where the theme is used midway through the episode, new masters have been provided by the Japanese company that replaces the song with another.

The rest of the panel was spent chatting about Anime Nation, including Oppliger's popular Ask John column.

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