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Anime Expo 2006

by Carlo Santos,
Panelists: David Wise, Audry Taylor, Mick Takeuchi, Mick Kobayashi

Go! Comi's panel began with with a running gag about being called "Go Commie" (complete with communist propaganda slides), but soon moved on to new title announcements complete with movie trailer-style previews. The most entertaining moment of the panel, however, was a cosplay appearance by the central characters of flagship series Her Majesty’s Dog.

Although the publisher only has four series currently out, they more than doubled their catalog with the announcement of the following acquisitions and upcoming releases: TRAIN+TRAIN, After School Nightmare, Black Sun, Silver Moon, The Devil Within, and Night of the Beasts.

Go! Comi also announced a poetry contest based on their series Cantarella; the winner will have their work published in an upcoming volume and will also win a sketch from artist You Higuri.

Audience members were concerned about Go! Comi's small presence in the manga market and how they planned to compete against bigger publishers. CEO Wise stated that the company's overriding principle is to publish titles that are high quality but not well-known. With other competitors often choosing titles based on popularity and marketability, Go! Comi is able to pick up series that "fall through the cracks."

Comics fans were also treated to a surprise celebrity appearance with Elfquest creator Wendy Pini in the audience.

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