Anime Expo 2007
DrMaster Publications

by Mikhail Koulikov,

Studio representative: Ailen Lujo (Supervising Editor)

Throughout the rest of 2007 and into the first month of 2008, DrMaster will be concentrating on working with the manga artist and videogame character designer Yasushi Suzuki. In May, DrMaster released The Art of Yasushi Suzuki, a collection of close to 100 images, including art from the classic videogames Ikaruga and Sin and Punishment. The first volume of Suzuki's three-volume Purgatory Kabuki is scheduled for December. The subsequent volumes of this manga, which DrMaster specifically approached Suzuki to create, will be available in June and December of 2008. It was originally serialized in Play Magazine. His Phantoms, a collection of manga short stories that were only published online has also been licensed for English distribution. Lujo describes Phantoms as a “twisted take” on classic Western fairy tales. DrMaster's final license announcement of this year's convention is Metro Survive, Yūki Fujisawa's two-volume manga about the aftermath of a major earthquake that hits Tokyo. The first volume of Metro Survive will be released in February.

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