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New York Comic Con
Yen Press

by Mikhail Koulikov,

A young, but definitely nimble publisher, one which has quickly amassed a significant catalogue of Japanese and Korean titles, Yen did not waste any time at their Saturday afternoon panel before presenting three new additions to its list of licensed manga.

The Spice and Wolf novel series has already been announced at last September's New York Anime Festival, and now, Yen is also able to confirm that they will be handling the manga adaptation as well. Since only two volumes of the manga have been published in Japan so far, Yen will take some time before actually starting to translate them, and the novel is on the publishing schedule first. Its first volume is currently on track for a December release.

Yen's second new acquisition is the supernatural comedy Crescent Moon Story, about a teenager who wishes for a girl of his dreams and has his wishes come true in a completely unanticipated way. Its first volume is due out in September. And finally, Yen Press is pleased to announce the September release of volume 6 of Yotsuba&!, the award-winning manga the previous five volumes of which had been handled by the now-dormant publishing division of ADV. One of the translators who worked on those is being retained by Yen to handle this volume as well, but exactly how the previous five will be released, and when, is yet to be determined. And adding to their list of Korean series, Yen is now adding JinJun Park's adventure title Raiders, Laon, about a once-nine-tailed fox's quest to regain his lost tails, and Time and Time again, which is already running in the Yen Plus magazine.

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