San Diego Comic-Con International 2009

by Carlo Santos,

Panelists: Jun Takeouchi, Morgan Gray, Kraig Kujawa, Masachika Kawata, Motohide Eshiro

After introducing the guests, CAPCOM's panel began with a discussion of Lost Planet 2. The original concept behind the Lost Planet series, as described by creator Jun Takeouchi, was to develop a shooter from Japan that would be loved all over the world. The sequel takes this further with new features such as 4-player co-op and massive boss fights. In these battles, boss creatures can even be attacked from inside the body. In addition, they follow an ever-changing AI algorithm rather than running on a pattern. Lastly, there is also character customization for the player in all game modes.

This was followed by a Lost Planet 2 trailer that originally premiered at E3.

Next, creator Morgan Gray introduced new CAPCOM property Dark Void. The game centers around a jetpack-flying character who gets lost in an alien dimension with steampunk touches. The actual mechanics of the game involve cover-based shooter action with levels that can be fought on the ground or in the air (and can be switched at will). In addition, the back story involves a sci-fi amalgam that involves the Bermuda Triangle, scientist Nikola Tesla, and well-known alien conspiracy theories.

Another trailer from E3 was also shown for Dark Void.

The next game to be featured was Spyborgs, presented by Kraig Kujawa. This futuristic action title for Wii centers around the Spyborgs, a team of cybernetic spies who must fight their prototype predecessors who have turned evil. The game features robot design by artists who have worked on the Ratchet and Clank franchise, and also emphasizes accessible controls, brawling action and co-op play.

A loud cheer greated Masachika Kawata, the developer behind horror shooter Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. As the trailer for the game showed, this title features Claire, Leon and Ada from Resident Evil 2 in a new sequel that follows up from Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. Unlike Umbrella Chronicles, this game places greater emphasis on horror elements. Audio and light/shadow effects also add to the horror aspect. Meanwhile, the shooter mechanism of the game has been refined with a better targeting reticle and reload animations. Finally, the graphics show an improvement on the Wii's technical capabilities.

Fan reaction was also enthusiastic for Motohide Eshiro and his title, Ace Attorney - Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. This game puts the spotlight on Phoenix Wright's famous cravat-wearing rival. Instead of courtroom drama, this game places a greater emphasis on crime scene investigation and finding evidence to support a prosecution. Edgeworth's logical method of reasoning also plays into the game's "logic system," which allows the player to unlock new leads in each case by combining various fragments of evidence. Although there are no courtroom scenes in the game, famous catchphrases like "Objection!" and "Hold it!" are still featured. The game is due out in February 2010.

Finally, the panel was opened up to a brief round of audience questions. Among them was a question about any new Mega Man titles; there is nothing in the works right now but the success of Mega Man 9 shows that the franchise is still going strong.

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