Anime North 2010

by Lissa Pattillo,

When: May 28 - May 30, 2010
Where: Toronto Congress Center, Doubletree Hotel, and Sheridan Hotel (Toronto, Ontario)
2009 Attendance: 14, 800


Anime North is Canada's largest anime convention – a yearly three-day event in Toronto, Ontario that's been a staple of Canadian anime culture for over fourteen years. It was already evident Friday morning that this years' event would see just as much dedication from all involved as attendees lined up and staff and dealers were already hard at work behind the scenes.

By Friday afternoon, the sidewalks, parking lots and every inch of grass surrounding the Toronto Congress Centre, one of three locations housing Anime North's events, were teeming with life. Male and female attendees of all ages flocked to the area to meet and greet with friends as well as eager to indulge in the convention's offerings. The entire area remained as bustling and busy from start to finish all weekend, which remained hot and sunny to welcome in one of the summer's first conventions.

Anime North is definitely a fan's con – volunteer run and fan-attended, the number of people in cosplay was impressive. It looked like every game and series was represented in a sea of colour. Light on industry, the con schedule was packed to the brim with dozens of panels ranging from how-tos to fan discussions. The autograph sessions, video games, manga library, dances, Comic Market, dealers room and cosplay meet-ups ensured that everyone always had something to do, even when the over one hundred panel and showings didn't suit their interests for any given moment.

By the weekend's end, the event had reported a total attendance of 18 500, including staff, guests and dealers).

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