Madman Panel - Supanova Gold Coast April 2013

by Luke Carroll,

Madman Panel - Supanova Gold Coast April 2013

At many conventions, Madman Entertainment holds panels as a way of announcing new titles, showing off trailers and answering questions from the fans. This panel was presented by Sylvester Ip, Product Manager for Madman Entertainment.

New and Upcoming Releases

  • Hellsing Ultimate Collection 2 V-VIII
  • Nichijou Collection 1 Subtitled Edition
  • Bleach the Movie 4: Hell Verse
  • Infinite Stratos
  • Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
  • Children Who Chase Lost Voices
  • Evangelion 1.11 Slipcase Edition
  • Blood-C
  • Adventure Time Season 1 Complete
  • Adventure Time Collection 3
  • Check It Out With Dr. Steve Brule
  • Eagleheart
  • Eastern Eye

  • Ace Attorney
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Manga

  • Library Wars V4/5
  • Blue Exorcist V9
  • Bakuman V18
  • Gestalt Comics

  • The Deep
  • Changing Ways V2
  • Madman on Digital

    Select Madman titles can be purchased or viewed on the Playstation Network, ABC iView, Foxtel on Demand via Xbox 360 (and soon to the Zune Store), Apple iTunes, Telstra T-Box and Iinet Fetch TV.

    Madman Fanzone

    Visit the Site

    Madman National Cosplay Championship 2013

    Visit the Site

    Madman Screening Room

    Now screening episodes of Chunibyo Demo Koi Ga Shitai!, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, K', and Sword Art Online. Visit the Site for more

    Evangelion Art Exibition Tour

  • Gold Coast - Now until May 5
  • Sydney - May 10 - May 18
  • Melbourne - May 27 - June 9
  • More information can be found here.

    New Title Announcements

  • My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
  • (Starts streaming on Madman's Screening Room April 25)
  • Sankarea
  • Psycho-Pass
  • Check out our announcement roundup for more information.

    Questions and Answers

    We apologise for any missed or incomplete questions and answers. Unfortunately it can be quite hard to hear the questions.

    Q: Will you be licensing Accel World?

    A: Unfortunately we have yet to license that title so we can't really talk about it.

    Q: Have you got a date for the Reel Anime this year?

    A: Not an exact date, but late 2013 is what we're aiming for. We announced Evangelion 3.0 last week and 009 Re:Cyborg yesterday.

    Q: Will you be releasing the rest of Gintama

    A: I would like to personally as I'm a big fan of the series and the movie has done ok for us, but at the moment it is such a long tv series and there's no dub for it yet so we're going to wait and see at the moment.

    Q: Will there be a Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Blu-Ray?

    A: Haven't got it because there is no UK partner. It is however available in HD from iTunes.

    Q: Have you ever considered doing your own subtitles?

    A: We do our own subtitles with some extras, however is still costs a lot of money so it's not something we'd pursue fully.

    Q: Have you ever released any subtitle only titles?

    A: Yes, most recently Cardcaptor Sakura, Waiting in the Summer, as well as Blue Exorcist.

    Q: Have you considered Natsume Yujin-cho?

    A: We consider any title, however until we have the rights to it, we thank you for your suggestion.

    Q: Is there going to be any more D.Gray-Man?

    A: Not yet, we're waiting on Funimation to dub the rest of the series.

    Q: I was wondering when the second season of Transformers Prime will be released?

    A: The second season of Transformers Prime will be released in June.

    Q: Funimation announced a little while a go that they have licensed more of Fairy Tail, will Madman be getting those?

    A: More than likely, probably later this year. I think they were scheduled for release in July (July 23) in the US, so they will probably be out here around October or so.

    Q: Any news on the new Dragonball Z Movie?

    A: Not at the moment. We are still waiting to see what is happening with that. Hopefully we will have some information soon.

    Q: Are your translators in-house or freelance?

    A: Freelance

    Q: Space Battleship Yamato 2199, streaming and/or on home video?

    A: Can't confirm that just yet.

    Q: What do you guys do for fun at your studio?

    A: We do a lot of things. We have a bit of a social club, so we go and grab beers and that sort of thing.

    Q: What do you think of Crunchyroll?

    A: They are a legal streaming alternative so that's good.

    Q: Any news on Cat Shit One?

    A: No news.

    Q: Do you think we would lose a lot of sales if we didn't include a dub?

    A: Yes, we do lose a lot of sales if we don't include a dub. A lot of people come up to our booth and ask us if this includes English audio, you would be very surprised. In fact, the split of the audience is about 50/50, which is why we try to include a dub or wait a bit so we can include one. In saying that, we are happy to release titles in subtitles only, such as with Blue Exorcist; but now of course there is a dub coming out for that so we have to re-release it. But the good thing for that is we can do a Blu-Ray release for the dual language version.

    Q: Are you guys limited by what extras you include in your titles?

    A: In a way we are. There are times where we aren't allowed certain items, or there is a cost attached to them that exceeds what we are willing to pay for an extra of that quality.

    Q: On the topic of sales that you lose on subtitle only titles, what about the sales that you lose because it takes so long for a dub to be made?

    A: It's an interesting proposition isn't it? I guess we can lose sales by not including a dub and going subtitle only, but as a company you don't want to have too many titles in the warehouse. I mean, what happens when the second complete version comes out and there's still the original in the marketplace? People would get confused, and we would have stock no one would buy because the new version is obviously better. This is why we try not to do it where possible. We do understand we can lose sales by not releasing a subtitle only release, but we do prefer to release a full product rather than half a product.

    Q: In regards to Wolf Children, will we see a subtitle release or something soon considering the strong marketing you guys are giving it?

    A: We wont be doing a subtitle only version because we know that Funimation already have a dub in the works. I can't speak on their behalf, but we're expecting to have it before Christmas this year.

    Q: Will it like be King of Thorns?

    A: That was a little different. I think for some reason, that was not a priority for them, so they didn't bump that up the production list whereas Wolf Children has the potential to win a lot of awards, so they're trying to push that through where they can.

    Q: When you guys announce a title, do you know whether a dub is going to be made for it?

    A: We do 90% of the time. I do believe My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU should have one, 009 Re:Cyborg does have a dub as will Psycho Pass.

    Q: Up until recently, Briz 31 (channel 31) has been playing a couple of your titles, are there any plans to bring it back?

    A: We are trying to bring it back and start everything up again soon.

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