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New York Comic Con 2013
Aniplex Panel

by Todd Ciolek,
Aniplex had no shortage of titles to show off at a New York Comic Con panel. E.J. Rivera, marketing specialist for Aniplex of America, walked the audience through the company's current streamling lineup, including the second season of Monogatari, the second season of Valvrave the Liberator, the second of Magi, all of which are streaming online.

Among new Aniplex-backed series streaming right now, Rivera introduced Samurai Flameco, the latest from studio Manglobe, as “an anime version of Kick-Ass” due to its inexperienced protagonist's attempt to become a superhero.

Next up was Kill la Kill, the latest from director Hiroyuki Imaishi and the rest of Gainax off-shoot Studio Trigger. The team is best know for 2007's Gurren Lagann...which, not coincidentally, Aniplex USA recently released in both a deluxe DVD set and a massive imported Blu-Ray pack.

Madoka Magica continues to be a crowd-pleaser for Aniplex, which released the first two theatrical films in a special edition with a translation booklet and postcards. Rivera further detailed the company's currently available catalog, encompassing Blue Exorcist, the film adaptation of Junji Ito's horror manga Gyo, and the first season of Blast of Tempest.

Fresh from its airing on Toonami, Sword Art Online took a premier spot in Aniplex's showing, and the third season of the series was made available a week early at Daisuki's booth on the show floor. Rivera also gave the crowd a preview of Sword Art Offline, a talking-head newscast covering the online game-within-a-show's player interactions. Rivera also announced a contest run through Toonami's broadcast, in which players can win a Sony 3D Personal Viewer.

Aniplex's upcoming releases include the new album from LiSA, the artist known for the opening song of Sword Art Online. The singer appeared in a special recorded greeting for the convention, in which she announced the October 30 release of her album Landspace in North America.

Other titles are headed here later this year: the first first set of Fate/Zero arrives November 5 and the second on December 31; Blue Exorcist the Movie ships December 1; Vividred Operation's complete collection is out December 17 in uncensored form (a fact which drew several yelps of approval from the crowd); and Oreshura is out in a complete set on December 17;

For the first of two new announcements, Rivera revealed the Magi's two-set release for next year. Volume One arrives January 14, Volume Two on March 14. Both sets will include such extras as elaborate booklets, foil-stamped postcards, and reversible covers.

The third Madoka Magica film, -Rebellion-, will see a limited theatrical run in North America starting December 6. The film premieres on December 3 in Hollywood. An audience member asked about the language format, and Rivera clarified that the movie will be subtitled for its movie-theater circuit.

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