Disgaea RPG Smartphone App Slated to Return in Fall

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

The official Twitter account for Nippon Ichi Software and ForwardWorks' Makai Senki Disgaea RPG smartphone game announced on Friday that the game is slated to resume service in fall. The post noted that staff are continuing to work on servers and repairs for the app.

The companies revealed on April 12 that the game would remain unaccessible for at least three months. The two companies stated at that time that the game needs major repairs and estimated that the repairs and testing would take more than three months.

The companies explained that after they launched the game on March 19, many players experienced bugs with the game, and the companies immediately performed maintenance on the game. However, players were unable to progress equally because of errors, keeping some players from being able to play and missing out on login bonuses and campaigns. The staff stated that once service on the game is officially relaunched, Nippon Ichi Software and ForwardWorks will completely reset all player data.

The companies have pulled the game from both Apple's App Store and the Google Play store.

The companies announced the game at Nippon Ichi Software's 25th anniversary event in July 2018. The basic game is free to play, with some charges inside the app.

Source: Makai Senki Disgaea RPG's Twitter account via Yaraon!

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